Horse Riding Helmets

Riding helmets for horses

The helmets offer the protection that every rider needs. At Troxel we are the world's leading supplier of ASTM / SEI-certified riding helmets for show, school and leisure riding. The SmartPak has a wide range of high quality riding helmets to suit your budget. At Jeffers Equine we offer Western riding helmets and other safety equipment from brands such as Troxel, IRH, One K & Tipperary. There is a wide selection of the most popular riding helmets and accessories.

Rummage in riding helmets

Riding helmets today are technical wonders in terms of cover, convenience and styling. Available in styles for every purse, a riding hat weighs the horseman's cranium comfortably, with more surface than a standard bicycle name. Riding helmets are made of material that absorbs and dissipates impacts, helping to minimize or avoid the transmission of this traumatic event to the rider's forehead.

As a matter of fact, once a crashed hard hat has suffered its protection capability in a later crashed away, and the hard hat should be changed. For safety, riding helmets are fastened under the rider's jaws with a series of variable belt and buckles. Cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of composites have allowed riding equipment makers to develop flat, vented and light helmets that are sleek and pleasant for the driver.

Interchangeable, wash-able inner cushions and specially developed cleaning agents keep things cool. Exterior shell colours, special models, a wide range of surface finishes and even crystalline improvements allow the driver to create his own unmistakable look.

Horse riding helmets

At Troxel, we are the world's leader in ASTM / SEI approved riding helmets and have supplied over four million helmets to the horse industry. Founded in 1898, Troxel is known for its pioneering designs and medical research into helmets. Troxel will continue to use helmets that have been specially engineered for training, show, trails and now specifically for westerner use.

The Troxel is a true competitive headwear for equestrians. It was Troxel who created the light, contemporary rider protection hat. All helmets we manufacture are SEI-approved. Not only should our helmets provide protection, they should also look good. An accident can occur, but helmets can help. Listen to true Troxel owner tales.

Riding helmets are indispensable for all horsemen.

Riding helmets are indispensable for all horsemen. If you are a fighter, show jumping, training or west riding horse, we have your mind wrapped in all your favourite riding helmets such as Charles Owen, GPA, Samshield, One K, Troxel and Tipperary. When you need help selecting the right sizes, we have tables of sizes to help you find the right fits, and we provide free returns for all sizes so you can change them for free if you don't get the right fits the first time.

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