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riding instructor

The GCSEs, including English and Mathematics a teaching qualification from the British Horse Society (BHS) or the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS). They can specialise in teaching a certain age group or a certain riding discipline, such as dressage. BHS is very proud to have the only international register of qualified instructors and trainers that meets your training and equestrian requirements. Riding instructors teach people of all ages, abilities and experiences to ride. Teachers teach people to ride.

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In some professions, other tasks such as the care and maintenance of equestrian facilities can be combined. It' s usual for an instructor to work a variety of lessons, even in the evening and on the weekend. You have to stay in the riding academy for some of them. When you work as a freelancer, you need to be able to move between riding academies and be adaptable.

As a rule, your employer expects you to have a qualification from the BHS (British Horse Society) or ABRS (Association of BS Riding Schools). In order to obtain the qualification, you must have completed an education that will give you the abilities and know-how you need to successfully take the BHS or ABRS exam. are BHS qualifiers for trainers:

There are several ways to become a riding instructor: through personal and correspondence courses if you are working in an appropriate profession. They can also receive further teacher training recognition through organizations such as the Pony Club and the BS Society. In order to be able to work with disabled persons, you need a riding instructor's card from the association of disabled persons.

There is the possibility to be trained as a riding instructor and to gain at the same times skills and experiences. You will receive a wage depending on the organization you work for, but entry-level wages for trainees and trainers will generally range from £12,000 to £15,000 per year. Skilled trainers can make up to £25,000 per year.

If you are a qualified riding instructor, you can work in a riding academy, a show ground, a personal stable and an agriculture or horse stable. Horseriding centers, horse riding centers and the pony club can also provide year-round work. If you are experienced as a lecturer, you can become self-employed and possibly work as a freelancer for several of them.

You can also run your own riding academy. It is not required to work as a riding instructor, but can be useful if you want to join the team.

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