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The Horse Health Record Book & ; Horse Training Journal : Select from original, spiral or discbound journals to process your training experiences and track your progress. Like keeping a riding journal in your tackbox & note down the details of your lesson as soon as possible after that will improve your riding. Go on, order the diary.

It' ideal for recording riding tournaments, but also for recording trail riding experiences.

Riding journal management

You' ve just completed your chilling from what was in your head the best lecture you've had in recent month.... As you take care of your horse, this night glow radiates from you; the sense of performance and succeed. However you will note that while you may look back over your lecture and recall minutiae now; come two or three a day period of the day when you try to review this sentiment, you just can't seem to review what you really did to accomplish it in the first place.

As a result, the driver is frustrated and stiff, leading to an almost unsatisfying journey. So I suggest you have a riding journal or notepad in your paddock so that you can note the important lessons or rides you have just had at the first chance after jumping off and taking good charge of your horse.

You can quickly record the date, hour, stadium, horse, trainer and turning point used. They can also record the wheather, your feelings before the class and your horse's behaviour before and during the class. When you can determine what a good warm-up is for a particular horse or event, you can start riding a warm-up schedule that best prepares you and the horse for a particular training unit or class.

They can also begin to schedule special warm-up drills for certain tasks such as show jumps, training, etc. So what exactly did you want to accomplish with this trip? When you had a lecture, your teacher should have sketched this out at the beginning so that you understood where you wanted to go.

At times we will not really achieve the objective we imagined for this particular meeting, but if that is the case, it is important to know how far you have come and a few thoughts that have prevented you from it. You will not only find out more, but you will also have access to it if you come across a similar issue in the near to you.

When you have an instructional ist or coach in the arenas, posting the most frequent review here will help you concentrate on what you want to do better next year. When you work alone, try to take an honest look back at your journey; what have you been struggling with?

Not only does recording these things identify the problem, it also allows you to look back at past problems in the past and see how you have eventually overcome them. If you only have once a weeks entry to a riding horse, your additional free day may be to see video of how others have overcome the same crunch.

Or if you have your own horse, he can practice more during the whole weeks to prepare for your next group. It is important to keep in mind here is that while you ride any exercises, make sure you keep yourself responsible to doing it right.

Continue to be inspired and motivated by looking to the past, even if that is just the next one! If you don't have one yet, buy a beautiful diary or diary and start to keep an overview of your riding. It' going to help you make more crack for your money out of your class by collecting detail and information that would otherwise be overlooked.

Lastly, it will help you recognize and recognize small samples or detail that make the distinction between a succesful trip and one that makes you feel less than achieved. In" Riding" Riding alone? Have you made any headway in riding?

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