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Riding with jumping horses

Proper clothing for the jumper ring. Show jumping apparel includes the widest variety of acceptable colours in coats, shirts and breeches. Riding clothes for show jumpers Show jumping apparel includes the widest range of decent colours in overcoats, blouses and jodhpurs. Formal jumpers' clothing: "Dark, covered or similarly coloured or reddish (scarlet) jackets are necessary; crew or sponsor jackets in different colours are also allowed;

either beige or grey jodhpurs; a blanket, a collar (unless the garment is fitted for the purpose intended) or a sporting shaft, and a blanket or a slightly coloured garment must be used.

They must have a leotard and leotard. You have to attach the shirt to your throat and put it into your jodhpurs. You will need to bring your own boots. Halfchaps are allowed as long as the colour fits the paddocking boot. CoatsYou have a large selection of fur colours that you can choose to use in a Jumper Classic or Grand Prix.

Select a colour that will flatter you and complement your horse, remembering that traditional colours are still the most used. The Ovation Performance Competition Coat and the Grand Prix Special Edition TechLite Classic Sport Coat are just a few samples of jumping ring jackets. Tip: Dover TrousersFor functional styles you should select a trouser in either light brown or red or red, a colour that can be regarded as deer brown.

Connect your jodhpurs to a harness. Tops and tiesChoose a bright or brightly coloured dress for your wedding dress with either leotard or neck. Guys usually match a button-down top with a necktie. Women can opt for a button-down top with a necklace (which can be taken off when wearing a tie) or a wrap neck.

U.S.E.F. Rule JP1113.9.b. Correct jumping clothes "Coats of any colour are necessary. The jodhpurs must be of a bright colour (white, beige or Canary). It is not permitted to wear red and brown jodhpurs. Bright coloured jackets must be put into the jodhpurs and attached to the top of the throat. Necklaces or collars of any colour must be used ( (unless the collar is fitted on the collar for the purpose intended).

You will need to bring your own boots. Halfchaps are allowed as long as the colour fits the paddocking boot. When competing, the jumping rule may be specially adapted to the event, so if you are planning to choose non-traditional colours, you should look for such limitations first. Combine your coat and riding trousers with a show top with a suitable neck.

It can be a down with a standing neck and necklace or a poloshirt like the Ariat Prix is. You should have your outdoor shoes cleaned and shined, as well as your toe when you want to carry them. When you have long coat, it should be properly included in a nets and stowed under the helme.

The Dover tip: Boot, spurs and glovesSelect a pair of shiny rubber feet. The first thing to remember is that there is no standard for the colour or style of mitten. Standard jumper clothing "coats are not necessary. Pants of any colour are allowed.

Poloshirts must have a long sleeve and a long sleeve and must be put into trousers. It is forbidden to have unisleeved hooded tights and undershirts. You will need to bring your own boots. If you are not wearing a riding jacket, e.g. if no coats are used, you must be wearing a collared shirting.

It can be a wrap neck or necklace, and the garment should be put in trousers coupled with a waistcock. Simple, solid-coloured poloshirts are also a favourite option for those categories where you can drive without a mantle.

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