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Consider some of the riddles from shopping for horse equipment with our selection of riding packages and kits. Harness from saddle to bridle is offered in handcrafted quality for every discipline. Equestrian equipment is offered to coordinate your look from halter to boot. Did you get the tail? So if you want to invest in your own kit, here is a guide to the most important things you need to get started.

The Generation® Deluxe Accessories

Ensure your kid has all the equipment they need to play with their favourite puppet and puppet horse with this deluxe set from Our Generation. There is a large selection of objects in this kit to make your child's playing time even more impressive.

These include a show jumper hedge, a trophies, a velvet hat, a nut, a saddle and more.

Horse Riding Guidebook for Beginner Riders

When you want to ride, find out what clothes and gear are indispensable and what it is good to start with our professional guides. but you' re not sure what to put on. Don't be afraid, the Horse & Hound specialists will be happy to help you.

However, there is no need to focus immediately on the most costly and technically advanced product as long as the articles are a good match and fulfil all security as well. Most riding academies offer beginner trekking but if you are a regular rider, it is better to have your own, as the cushioned linings will adapt to your particular form of your skull.

This is a listing of the latest security norms you should be aware of. It is also important that your shoes give you support in the stapes, but have a small step to prevent your feet from slipping through the stapes and getting trapped when you drop. Two major styles of riding boot are available: long or shorts (also called jodhpurs).

Long riding shoe prevents rubbing of the inner part. A new rider can find long shoes quite restricted as they try to teach the horse how to use their feet to indicate the direction. Fits most footwear and is made of hard-wearing, water-resistant fabric that requires less care.

With a zipper on the back, these affordable leathers make them comfortable and easy to put on and take off. They are made of polished leathers and are suitable for all kinds of riding. Those shoes will be good to the touch when you sit in the seat and run away from your horse.

It is recommended that you buy a couple made of an elastic, non-restrictive material with extra traction in the appropriate places such as the knees and under the buttocks. When you want to use this feature, it is a good idea to invest in a set of riding glove made specifically for riding. As with the shelters, this kind of security gear must be installed by a BETA-trained dealer.

BETA 2009 has been developed to meet all the standards of the EN 13158:2009 and is the minimum level of security you should buy. These protectors are conceived in such a way that they are supple and well-fitting.

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