Horse Riding Outfits for Kids

Riding clothes for children

Kids Horze Adele Lightweight Softshell Show Coat/Jacket. Iridideon Kid's Hampshire Pull On Riding Tights. Kids UltraGripp Knee Patch riding pants. The Kerrits Girls Fleece Lite Riding Tight. We' ve got some really cute cowboy or cowgirl outfits!

German Horse Patterns for Riding Lovers

Some horsemen out there? Linnea, my sister-in-law, is the proprietor and designer of Suitability, a riding wear group. She is a horsewoman herself, who she has had for years, her room full of all types of riding bands! It designs samples for cloaks, blouses, horsewear, accessoires and more, available in different sizing.

You and your horse will ride and run in riding and running styles with these funny horse designs!

Photographs of famous riders - Photographs of prominent children in equitation

Ages 15. Peak horse: a 8-year-old Dutch warmblood. Your familys hired a 5 acre ranch with an 8-stall shed for the summer period in the prestigious Mallet Hill section of Wellington, FL, this past year. We also keep ponies at the Parkside Stable in Bellevue, WA. Horse riding since: 1994. First horse:

Valentino, a 10-year-old Dutch warmblood. LLC, Wellington, FL. Horse riding since: 1993. First horse: Dobbs' dynasty live on a 300 acre horse ranch in Sussex, NJ; she also keeps ponies at Redfield Ranch in Califon, NJ (50 stables, 30 acres). Horse riding since: 1990. First Horse: Troy, a 12-year-old Dutch warmblood.

Riding since: 1998. Main horse: Nougat Du Vallet, an 11-year-old Selle Fran├žais. Staff Sail Farm, North Salem, NY (20 stands, 117 acres) and Wellington, FL (20 stands, 8 acres). Horse riding since: 1990. Main horse: WGHR Farm, Bedminster, NJ. Horse riding since: 1998. First horse: Valencia, a 14-year-old Belgian warmblood.

rtisan Farms, Wellington, FL (40 stands, 7 acres), and Vrasene, Belgium. Riding since: 1987. Main horse: Gotham North, North Salem, NY (16 stables, 50 acres) and Gotham South, Wellington, FL (13 stables, 12 acres). Horseback riding since: She was "a child". First horse: Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda, the sportsman of the Olympics in Brazil, and her wife, AD Sport Horses, Fleurus, Belgium.

Horse riding since: 1992. Main horse: Salamander Farm, Wellington, FL (20 stables, 10 acres), and the Plains, VA (30 stables, 200 acres). Horse riding since: 1990. First horse: Madison, a 16-year-old Dutch warmblood. Southport, CT (11 stands, 22 acres), and Wellington, FL (16 stands, 15 acres). Their sire, William H. Weeks, is a member of the USET Foundation and National Horse Show boards and is the grandchild of Howard Johnson.

Horse riding since: 1996. First horse: vornado van ben Hoendrick, a 13-year-old Belgian warmblood. Stone-Hill Farm, Colts Neck, NJ (15 stands, 300 acres). First Horse: High Kingdom, an 11-year-old Irish sport horse. Jackdaw Castle Stables, Gloucestershire, Angleterre (500 acres). Horse riding since: 1994. Preventive Horses: This is Cylana, a 10-year-old Belgian warmblood, and Mika, a 12-year-old Selle Fran├žais.

The Kessler Show Stables, Wellington, FL (9 stands, 3 acres), and Kober Farm, Lexington, KY (48 stands, 150 acres). First horse:

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