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Equestrian Outlet contains unique offers for riding clothes, riding equipment or riding gear. Welcome to the Outlet Store! The number of results: Few things surpass driving through a lovely countryside at sundown. Horse riding is also a family-friendly sport and could become the holiday highlights. You can often go on a horseback riding tour combined with a tour of a farmstead, or you can make the hike along the region's many paths much simpler.

Ã…shild and Jostein have been owners and peasants of a Dale in Norddal and 1/6 of the Herdalssetra since 1983 - and this large old "Viking Age Farm" has been part of the Dale in the year 1790. The whole family has been using the same fjord and valley buildings as a.... It is one of the most important places in Norway for Island Horse, and there are several holiday and activities possibilities.

Riding vacations in Iceland last several nights and are possible as well as one-hour riding tours and daily excursions. Rowboats, kayaks and angling equipment can be rented.... is a Norwegian nation's resources center for the fjord horse, and it is no coincidence that the center is situated in North Fjordid. The Nordfjordid is known as "the Mecca of the Fjord Horse".

Accompany us on a scenic horse riding tour to the top of Uburen in Forsand, Ryfylke. Our trainers will find a cap and a horse for the journey to Uburen. You will then receive information about the journey and learn how to deal with your horse..... Riding in the beautiful environment of the courtyard in the village of Gloppen.

Stable Rygg is a stable run by a single member of the Rygg families with 8 ponies. The Tryggvi Horsefarm in Icelandic Iceland offer horse rides on horseback, with the speed and ground varying according to the rider's level of riding ability. You will also enjoy the beauty of the countryside during these outings. In the yard there are 12 horse riding, several simple walking paths, a jetty at the Eikelandswater, large.....

Wellcome to a Landa-Park and to an enthralling trip through the ages. Join your host familiy and get to know the story first hand. The Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule (SJH) is a continuing professional training college that provides teaching on ecological farming and social sustainability. There is a kindergarten, a dairy and a health food store where you can buy food.

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