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Ladies riding trousers

For the discerning rider we offer riding clothes. Buy quality breeches directly from China breeches suppliers: Ladies breeches "Winnie" by For Horses. Ladies' FH Ultra Light Weight Denim Breeches Jeans - "Silvie". Deadtingham Full Grip.

Ladies Riding Clothing Essentials

This is a great complimentary clasp in our series of full trimming jodhpurs with a Mid row fit. This is a revolutionary in riding pantyhose. I' ve got everything in this beautifully flattered clasp. This is a revolutionary in riding pantyhose. I' ve got everything in this beautifully flattered clasp. This is a long-term favourite with new details. The Princess panels in a ribbed knit for more comfort.

Silicon allows not only a better hold on the seat, but also promotes the correct sitting posture.

Silicon allows not only a better hold on the seat, but also promotes the correct sitting posture. The For Horses range is the most comprehensive for riding trousers. For Horses supplies the best in every catagory, from show pants and riding pantyhose to daily riding pants. Within a very brief period of development, the For Horses label has become the clear market leadership for jodhpurs.

For Horses' luxury and elegance is first class. There is no need to invest a fortune to get a pair of comfy, good-looking jodhpurs. Misunderstanding is that men do not have such a large choice of jodhpurs. We are proud to offer a very large and varied range of men's riding trousers.

The choice of men from For Horse to Equiline to Euro Star and Horze is not restricted to a few outfits. Nearly all newer jodhpurs are made of state-of-the-art materials.

Riding breeches from Tolt Equestrian Wear

I found a new romance just in for Valentine's Day. I recently bought these new loves in the shape of jodhpurs from Tolt Equestrian Wear. They are so amazing that I just have to part with the rest of the planet, or at least with my reader group.

But, seriously, these pants are a complete buzz kill to me, and I'll tell you why. Like you know, I kind of have a bovine meat with the horsehair style kind of fashions that makes little endeavor to discern the fact that about 75% of the 9. 2 million domesticized Horses in the United States are possessed by females over the age of forty ( "Clinton Anderson; The Woman's Smart Guide to Middlelife Horses, by Melinda Folse).

Most of the riding clothes available on the current markets are designed for the body of girls/women under 30 years of age. 2. Fortunately, Amy Eavou is here to question the situation and perhaps even spearhead a revolutionary horse fashions for them. I' m modelling my new Tolt breeches.

The breeches are made of a high quality elastic material that keeps you warmer and drier. The Tolt Equestrian Wear is all made in Michigan, so they know a thing or two about it. These trousers are made with a higher slope in the back (Halleluja!) and a middle slope in the front.

Dual seam on the low profile stitches ensure that the trousers stay in place even during the hardest work. On the first of the days, when I was riding in my new Tolt pants, the temperatures were in the mid-twenties and as I'm a sissy, I made the decision to put a couple of tights underneath. Sleeveless legging fits under your pants without feel overweight.

During my trip I felt so well that I could concentrate more on my riding and not on my clothes. They were so unbelievably comfy that I stopped them to take the dogs for a stroll after the visit to the stable. For the second and last session, the temperatures were around 28 F. This session I chose to skip the additional shift and just drive in my pants.

To my amazement, I stayed all the while hot and realised that I really didn't have to put on an additional shift unless it fell on the teenagers. There are two versions of these trousers: with or without bag. It' large enough to carry your iPhone or anything else you need on your trip without additional mass.

You can also order the trousers without knees if you are looking for convenient trousers for other sporting activities. I' ve been looking for a long while for a comfy riding pants with bootshirt. I have tried a few other makes over the years, but none came anywhere near the level of the Tolt riding pants.

Every styleista will tell you that the silhouettes of the shoes are one of the most pleasing because they draw the eyes down and lengthen the thighs. The Tolt breeches fits well over a couple of paddocking shoes and fits well into a couple of high outdoor shoes for drivers of British events.

When you look into early morning or are fortunate enough to be in a warm environment, Tolt Equestrian Wear also makes riding trousers for the mid-season and summers. The pants are available in different dimensions and length. Do you know another riding apparel label that suits our readers? Let us know!

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