Horse Riding Party

riding party

Riding parties and games for children of all ages, near Skipton. Riding parties are organised by our experienced instructors and no riding experience is required unless hacked. The Carrington Riding Centre offers a special kind of party for your child's special day. Commemorate your birthday or plan the perfect party on horseback at the Lee Valley Riding Centre in London. Celebrate the birthday of your life!

Riding events for kids

The Kilnsey Trekking and Riding Centre offers a range of riding events for kids four years and upwards if you want to do something else to mark this particular event, be it a birth days party, an anniversaries or a prize for them. There are party trails and horseback riding for kids of all levels, no riding at all.

Party reservations for groups of 6 to 10 kids. In the following you will find our default riding party-package. For more information and reservation information, please visit our Reservations & Prices page. If you are interested in buying a custom made birthdays pie, please do not hesitate to do so.

Our horseback riding trek is designed for all skill level and includes a 45-minute river trek followed by a party tee in the cowshed. We will take care of your own party dinner and we will take care of balloon and party decoration. If you are a bit more adventure-seeking, we have the Party Game Trek. It is a 45-minute river trek with ponyback game.

Have your own party dinner and we will take care of balloon and party decoration. Make a river trek and search for concealed gifts along the way. A thrilling alternativ to the partybags! Have your own party dinner and we will take care of balloon and party decoration.

Pony Themes Birthday Parties For Kids

The equestrian events in our hotel are a very unique kind of adventure for you and your family. Following the ride, we provide our own caterer in our party room. Kids ponies are the ideal way to commemorate a birth day or any other time.

There is a large selection of well-chosen horses for the kids to care for and horseback riding. You only have to show up, get a pie, some party bag and lean back and have a good time! Where do equestrian events come from? Riding events are organized by our expert riding teachers and no riding skills are required unless hacked.

What time do ponies take place? What is the age requirement for kids to participate in a bangs party? So, what happens at bangs? There are 3 different possibilities for children's birthdays. There are two groups of them. A group rides while the others take care.

These options give the kids a "foretaste" of riding and riding. Recommended for younger kids (4-7 years) or those with little or no horse riding at all. Each child drives 45 min. together, then all kids are cared for for 15 mins. It gives the kids a fundamental knowledge of horse riding.

Ideally suited for older kids (8-11 years), with little or no horse riding expertise, this is a great way for kids to share the fun. The kids go together the whole lesson. It gives the child an in-depth knowledge of the horse and riding, or those who already have riding experiences, the possibility to improve their abilities.

It is the perfect choice for kids 12 years and older or those with prior knowledge. Every kid gets a rose at the end of the ride. Sailing on horseback and trotting is included and may involve playing golf matches. You can also rent the party room for 50 per hours and arrange your own meals.

Horseriding events for all kinds of occasions: In case this is not the case, please registrate it before the party via the following adress.

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