Horse Riding related Gifts

Riding related gifts

I' m an adult (very) amateur rider and don't own a horse. Great>Fun, Different, Amazing! For each of our beautiful trips we have gift vouchers. If you are an adolescent looking for childlike pleasure or in a romance, we have the paths, the vistas and the beautiful horse you like! Horseback riding in the mornings when the smell of the mountains is fresher and the sound of fierce birdlife is more beautiful, or enjoy your mind at sundown when the spirit of the mountains comes into being!

Afternoons are also possible! Dear ones, grown-ups and kids will experience a marvellous riding adventur! We offer good value for money on any open days, subject to stock levels. Coupons are only accepted with a verification key that you have received from our offices by e-mail. When purchasing, it is agreed that the coupon expires one year from the date of purchas.

The guidelines are valid and the recipients of the gift certificate must be informed to familiarize themselves with them ("Guidelines" on our information page). Please click on the requested time. Coupons are JPG file formats that you can print out using your web interface.

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From horseman to horseman: The best Christmas gifts

When I was 12 years old, I wanted an British horse for a long while. Just before Christmas we went to see the seat a boyfriend sold, and I was really thrilled and quite sure that I would get the seat as a present. The next morning, my mother said someone else took the bike.

Nevertheless, on Christmas I had hoped for the horse when I opened my presents. And then I glanced out the doorway, and there was my horse, saddled on his back, bound to the door! When I saw a horse drawn cart in the entrance for my thirteenth year.

It' saving a great deal of time, and gives me the certainty that in an emergencies I can wrap up my horse and go. Two years ago I was 11 when I got my best horse-related vacation present: a little soft toy called Amigo, which I called after a horse in the stable where I work.

The slayer Elese Alsup, MFH, gave me one of her hunting lashes for my Bat Mitzvah. My horseless spouse took me by surprise last Christmas with a first aid box that he put together himself! While he will not "give up" his resources for counsel and instruction, the attention and loving attention he has put into this set to keep my horse in good health means more to me than a 70 per cent mark in training!

Greenville, N.C. I don't know where my horse lover comes from..... the remainder of my familiy are all crew. All I had were denim and gumboots to wear and for 35 years of horse ownership he only saw me riding once. Then the Christmas after my father and mother separated, my father gave me a set of breeches in tan!

I opened my first present from Santa Claus on Christmas mornings and found a rug for them. I was lying in my new ceiling the whole day. I was so hot, I almost didn't want to give it to my horse. Of course I did (it fitted perfectly), and the ceiling took several years to get torn and torn and the ponies thought it was better than combo.

It was still the best present, though, because I recall it as if I had rolled myself up in it last night. Soon after I got it, I returned to Texas, where it was too cold for the radiator. In the end, I used it as a winter cover on my own beds to cut my heat costs.

When I was a child, my grandmother and Helen were my greatest "horse" enthusiasts - always there to look and try to help. He was used by the owner's daugher as a saddlebag, so Gran ny and Helen purchased him for me and my Arab horse Ahlam. I' ve been savin' to buy new ones when a boyfriend gave me a beautiful, big vacation voucher.

My best Christmas present ever was a vacuum jug with a photo of my horse on one side and one of my favourite quotations: "I canter with my face closed and a mitten full of manes in my thighs. "It was an astonishing present, not only because it was so well thought-out and personally, but also convenient.

On a chilly mornin', who doesn't eat a nice pot of chocolate or tea on the way to the barns? It made the present even more thrilling and unforgettable that I don't know who gave it to me - at least not in person. There came, along with some other goodies, through my favourite on-line bulletin board's Secret Santa, who dug enough to find out about my passion for tea, a photo of my horse, and make you a nice present.

I was touched..... and it is a present that is still in use today! I got the best present was a piece of jar that had been chopped by lasers, with the picture of me riding on my horse at our first show together. That same Christmas I gave my mother a diary my brothers and I made.

We' d taken turns with my horse Bella. Two years ago, the best horse-related present I ever gave was on April Fool's Day! I' m an grown up (very) ham and don't own a horse. At Christmas last year, my teacher and the manager of the ranch where I work gave me four classes with my teacher - a great present in itself - on one of the ranch's ponies, which included my favourite trainer and an Ontario eventschamp.

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