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The most technologically advanced English women's riding boots in the world, designed to meet the performance requirements of professional riders. Boots - Boots - Riding Boots; Ladies; Brown; Black;

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Riding boot of a Georgian lady, about 1780

Riding was an important craft for British women of the eighteenth century. It was not only a means of transport, but also a good way to pass the time for classy Amazons who liked to ride their characters through London's gardens or through the land of countrys.

In the second half of the eighteenth century we share many instances of riding customs, such as these here and here, and also the right kind of helmet to use. However, riding clothes cannot be entirely assessed by reference to modern portraiture and graphics. For the most part, the women are shown in the fashion able shoes of the days, which means that they have delicate shoes (like this 1785-90 boot; there are tens more on our interest board.) Obviously this was a complimentary look and must have been a comfortable way to show a well-turned ankles to all the officials who ride in the parks.

Whilst I have no doubts that there were Queens in shoes (just as there are young fashionable young girls riding on their boyfriend's bikes in slip-on flats), the real riders of that period began to use riding shoes like the rest. They look strange in contrast to 21 st century shoes with their round top, the recessed heels and the pointed toes, but as an "extension" of an eighteenth century women's boot.

The majority of eighteenth -century women's shoes were attached with fabric upper, fabric for delicate womens, wool for more common womens and a cinch. The riding boot was made instead of handy calfskin and safely tied at the front. Only a few specimens of riding shoes survived in today's collection, and those shown here are regarded as quite seldom.

Many of the jackboots would have just been thrown away and used up. In addition, working shoes would not have been rescued for sensational causes, just as shoes were used for a marriage or a court show. These riding boot pairs, "are a contemporary replica of a couple from around 1780, and were completely made by Valentine Povinelli, a shoemaker.

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