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Riding & riding lessons all year round in Hyde Park, London. Guernsey has a number of stables and experienced riding instructors, whether you want to ride or have years of experience. Do you fancy a horse to ride, look after and care for? Riding stables in London offer riding lessons and courses for beginners to advanced, riding for the disabled, birthday parties and full livery service. Looking for experts who can offer you horse training?

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Kilometre-long, traffic-free bridle paths give us easy entry to a breathtaking landscape between the slopes of Snowdon. The Snowdonia riding stable is recognised by the Pony Club and the BH Soc. in the Snowdonia riding stable: Snowdonia Young Rider can join the Pony Club. Some pictures from the riding classes in the Snowdonia riding stable........

The Snowdonia Riding Stables offer great riding, chopping or hiking in the beautiful countryside between Snowdon and the North Wales ocean........ Gwynedd, Snowdonia, North Wales, Waunfawr, Caernarfon, LL55 and LL55 PQ.....

The Wimbledon Village St - Riding in London and Surrey

Riding and riding classes in London. The Wimbledon Village Stables is an award-winning riding academy that offers horseback riding enthusiasts the chance to get out of the hustle and bustle of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park and its breathtaking scenery and gamelife. These stables provide a one-of-a-kind adventure with well-trained mounts, an experienced staff of highly trained and experienced riding teachers and kilometres of scenic rides.

For beginners to advanced horse riding, there is something for everyone, among them a wide selection of riding lessons for all riding skills and evenings in horse grooming and cowsheds. The Wimbledon Village Stables offers with Wimbledon Village Stables a tailor-made offer of riding sports with the only ever combining riding technique and riding technique of its kind.

Horseback riding with our state-of-the-art, fully hands-on riding simulation, which is an entertaining and secure way for novices to acquire riding skills and self-confidence. It' also of inestimable value for experienced horsemen, who help to enhance their postures and techniques and to carry out and perfectionise intermediate training and competitions.

There is no need to become a member to benefit from our riding services, but there are many advantages, such as riding reductions and special bookings, EQUICISE simulator meetings, gym courses and community gatherings. At Wimbledon Village Stables, my experiences have changed lives and I am truly thankful.

Coming to WVS, I recovered from a serious recurrence of MS and had never rode a horse before. Jenny's riding education was so important to keep me going out here!

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