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Purchase riding equipment online and have everything you need delivered to your front door! Buy our extensive range of equestrian products today! A huge selection of horse accessories, riding gear and other accessories. Large selection of reins, holders, spurs and much more. There is a wide range of products, including English clothing, equipment, accessories and gifts.

Western-tack store and riding accessories - Schneider's

Occidental horsemen want to have a nice, dependable turn for the road, from the trail to the show ring. Schneiderers knows that, that's why we have such a large range of west tacks and west riding accessories from our own high end label and some of the other staple labels on the open air markets.

If you are looking for a new seat or just a little grocery to better interact with your horse, Schneiders has just about every kind of occidental lock you could ever need. Schneiders Show-Ring offers colourful printings and designs that give your familiar show ring a firm hold and comforts.

Combine one of them with a Billy Royal or Classic Westernsadtel, which is equipped with handmade samples and handmade skins, and you will surely attract all people. Complement your westernshow look with a new harness, headpiece and rein with original design, featuring crystal and cinchos.

Schneiders also has good equipment for the occasional horseman or the long training at home. Our range includes convenient, dependable adult and youth seats as well as discipline-specific westernsaddles for pureing, enjoyment and more. We even provide leather-free plastic westernsaddles if you want a slightly easier-care-range.

Combine your new seat with a suitable harness or even a workout harness suitable for daily use. As well as the simplest westerns, Schneider also offers bits and kerbs, saddlebags and coverings as well as exercise articles such as spores, caves and underwear. Whatever kind of occidental lock you are looking for, you will get it for a cheap rate with free delivery on orders of $100 or more when you purchase from Schneider.

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