Horse Riding Surrey

Riding in Surrey

Horsetrekking, Group Riding, Surrey That horse is your boyfriend. Slade's Ranch is a fully licenced riding center in Surrey. We are fortunate as a whole to have lived on Slades Ranch for 25 years. We enjoy the daily splendour of this beautiful Surrey Hills estate as part of an AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

We rode a pony and a horse all our life as a whole. It was the horse that kept the whole house on the ground and gave us many outdoor time. Taking care of our animals, our country and our animals has been a lesson in being attentive and appreciating everything we have here at Slades Farm.

Our seasoned and kind guide is part of the Wintershall settlement and will help you find one of our wonderfully educated mounts. Horseback riding at Slades Farm is an adventure not to be missed. Enjoy it on a horseback. We at Slades Farm are always ready to talk to you about your needs to make your stay with us as unforgettable as possible.

Slade's farm is 5 leagues southward of Guildford and 2 leagues from the A 281. You can hear, see and feel the nature's beauties at Slades Farm.

Horseback Riding in Surrey

In Surrey there are numerous riding centers and riding facilities that provide instruction, touring, and riding facilities for all skill level. Surrey offers a full spectrum of riding experience, from beginner to intermediate level classes in training and riding across countries.

If you want to have your own horse or participate in a horseback riding tour, you will find an outstanding net of riding trails through the countryside and forests of the province, the cretaceous fields and the intriguing heaths and common lands that surround over a district of the province. Top-notch riding centers, such as Oldencraig in Lingfield, provide a variety of tailor-made riding vacations, as well as a number of other nearby facilities where you can expand your stay to a family or friends.

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