Horse Riding Tacoma

Riding Tacoma

This is the final list of Tacoma riding lessons evaluated by the Municipality of Tacoma, WA. Over the years we have enjoyed and loved our riding together with the company of the dogs on the way. More about HPEC We' re here to meet all your needs. Accommodation includes a large indoor Arena, a 160 x 220 Outdoor Stadium, two 60 foot round pens, Indoor Running Stands, Indian Stands and Open Air Pads. Our farm has immediate acces to over 160 hectares of diverse hiking paths, generally known in the area as "Orange Gate Park" alias "Pipeline".

Called "no motorised vehicle", these routes offer great amusement park attractions with areas that are challenging for you and your horse.

Riding on the horse back

When you want to get outside and see your environment at a different speed, give us a call and book a place on one of our riding excursions. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of riding by our professionals who will take you on an memorable trip through the beautiful forests. The Su Dara Ricers welcome new and seasoned drivers.

Riding pros will show you the best ways to ride a horse on a well-trained and good horse. It is our pleasure to introduce beginners to the pleasures of riding. It is a good ride for all abilities and a great adventurous one. The most experienced horsemen will take something with them from our horse rides.

For many years now, all our riding instructors have been successfully and securely guiding hikers. They will give you a security introduction, ask you about your riding skills, give you riding hints if necessary and guide you to your horse. As soon as you're ready, it's your turn to go on the trails with our guide and have some goodies!

There are 2 riding excursions per night by arrangement. Small groups can be accommodated for riding excursions. Give us a call today to plan a ride for the kids. You will have a great experience when you are with us on a riding expedition. At Su Dara we provide vouchers so you can enjoy the pleasure with your loved ones.

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