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Riding Holidays | High Pointe Riding Tours Adventure, intoxicating, relaxation, life-changing, enjoy your perfect riding holiday! Which is your perfect riding holiday? Horse riding through the shadow of the Grimm fairytale woods and hills of Germany and Hungary? Can you hear the rhythm of your horse's legs on old paved roads in France? Riding through the varied Australian outline?

Horse riding next to gazelle, elephant, giraffe in Africa? Enjoy your riding holiday on the rugged tracks of Iceland or on the breath-taking Peruvian mountains? Relax during four-in-hand rides through Italy and Germany? Just get back in touch with the countryside and the horse in a very particular way in Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana, Canada or Florida?

You can make any of these thrilling experiences come true with our Horse Riding Advisors. This is not the "nose to tail" riding holidays you may have taken elsewhere. If you retreat every morning from a relaxing riding on your able horse, you will be able to enjoy relaxing in historic towns.

Delicious cooking is prepared by local cooks and you can reap a jubilant drink with the local people in one of the city' s favourite bars, while you are accompanied by other fans from all over the globe and create the perfect setting for a fantastic riding holiday outing! Whether you would like to enhance your riding skills, our riding vacations will meet your needs in terms of accommodation, horse riding, show jumps or riding lessons, whether you are a beginner or intermediate.

Your holiday riding classes will take place in places like Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, New York or Tennessee! If you wish to have a horse riding experience but do not want to go riding, we are offering coach rides through Germany and Italy. What will you choose to do?

High Pointe International equestrian tour has more than thirty years of riding and horse riding industry expertise, which means you have the right advisors to help you find the best riding holiday. Riding holidays in Ireland to coach rides in Italy, our aim is to help you select the most appropriate riding holiday experiences for you, depending on your interests and skills.

The unmistakable riding holidays we have chosen with well-groomed mounts, the highest quality leaders and the best accommodation available. There is a wide range of riding and riding holidays and we are always looking for new horse adventure. Nowhere else will you find a better riding holiday adventure. Please choose a trip below.

Here are some of our trips and reductions. This quote from a Newsday story and one of High Pointe's customers most accurately depicts your riding holiday highpoint. Endless trail in view and with the possibility to change the speed, create a wonderful sense of liberty and a singular possibility to combine with your horse.

Horseback riding from all over the globe and mixed with locals in crowded bars or lively market towns and businesses. The seldom accessed mobile telephones and the respectable stillness of your horse rider keep the brillant sounds of the indigenous animal song and the fascinating clasp of your horse's Hoof.

Climbing to the world's highest summits or down into the lowest crevasses, cross flowing streams and ride to places where few people can hike, will put your courage to the test. Skilful, well-trained and expert guide make all the work. Nowhere else will you find a better riding holiday adventure.

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