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One of the most famous places in the world for a riding holiday is the USA. Cowboy culture and the ranch holidays in the USA are the reason for this. Horseback riding in the USA (10 destinations) A number of westerly states such as Wyoming have an area the scale of France or Germany and a total of less than 500,000 inhabitants, most of whom are living in a few small-town areas. In the past, the Spaniard had found that much of the country in what is now the southwest of the United States was unsuitable for farming due to insufficient precipitation, but they learnt that the extensive grassland was perfect for livestock farming.

Those pioneering Spaniards imported the longhorn cows, established the first ranchoes and employed horsemen to feed their flock. Beef were roaming the open countryside. Several of them caught the feral Texas longhorn cows and started their own ranch. Large grasslands in Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming were designated open areas where cows were allowed to herd.

During a vacation here you immerse yourself in real farm work. No need to be an experienced horseback riding enthusiast to be able to ride the track, and whether you are traveling alone or with your hosts, you can guarantee a journey of a lifetime. Just ask us. Below you can see our riding vacations in the USA.

This 300-year-old farm is one of the last large Hacienda in America. Founded in 1924 as a Guests Farm, its story has been carefully kept in the wonderful landscape of the gentle meadows of the high Sonoran Desert. With more than 320 sunny days a year, the farm is only one hours away from Tucson, perfectly located at the foot of the holy Baboquivari Hills and adjacent to the Tohono O'odham Tradition.

There are a number of different recreational and leisure facilities on the farm, among them wonderful horseback riding for all levels, livestock work, sportshooting or just relaxation. We will have slower trekking and quicker horseback riding through the deserts in the centre of Cochise County. The Wyoming Riding Centre has some of the best and most varied riding facilities in North America.

Situated in a secluded vale, this farm provides lessons with qualified coaches, a cross-country skiing course, crew grading, cow husbandry, livestock drive, raids, packing excursions and trekking outings. Exquisite food and superb angling facilities, together with the Arabic horse husbandry program, make this a unique farm to be visited. Situated in a privately owned alpine valleys, this 600 hectare large guesthouse has been providing genuine westerly vacations for more than 70 years.

Featuring a flock of over 100 home-bred and reared ponies and a variety of ranching establishments, all within easy walk of each other, this is the perfect farm for a real westerner's game. Suitable for grown-ups and kids respectively, the farm is an memorable place where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a fantastic ranching holiday.

Magnificent year-round horse run and horse run in the historic heart of Central Georgia. More than 200 high-quality Paint and Quarter horses make the run famous for its extraordinary riding program, its non-guided riding facilities and its quiet location. An all-round carefree holiday offer, where you can enjoy the wonderful lodging, the extraordinary food and the warmth of the south.

It is a luxurious farm located on ten thousand of hectares with a unique riding program. Beginners can take a leisurely, scenically delightful trip and the expert horse back riding is rewarded with demanding mountaineering tours and fast-paced looping trips through sand wash-ups. Handicapped horsemen can take advantage of this marvellous ranching adventure.

The 75-year-old farm has been hosting visitors since 1991. It breeds its own horse and there are absolute beginner as well as fast and sporty horse for advanced rider. Horseback riding leads through open fields, silent woods and along slowly flowing streams. Sort livestock, drive livestock, play in the arenas - or take a class in the arenas.

There are opportunities for everyone at this farm. The goal is a small-scale, family-run farm with a relaxing and intimate environment in the beautiful Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico. Here it goes on horse back through open fields, high Ponderosa woods, up to the hills, where the view continues forever, and down into steep rock faces and crystalline brooks.

Horse riding or walking, you will be able to experience some of America's most pristine and unspoilt landscapes. Bordering Saguaro National Park, Arizona, the farm is located in almost five sq. m. of luxuriant waste. Long-horn cows come into the sea every single working days, but with the eternal flair of a functioning West cow farm, you also have the advantages and comfort associated with a first-class traveler.

If you are new or an expert horsewoman, the diversified riding program will meet your needs. The Saguaro is the perfect place for gentle horseriding, quick riding and thrilling mountain walks. Combining a hint of luxurious work with amazing riding, horse riding, horse work and more.

Located in Shell Valley, Wyoming, the farm concentrates primarily on riding and offers outstanding riders for all riders' tastes - those just beginning are patiently handled and supported by expert coaches, while the skilled horseman is tuned to a fast-reacting horse and can benefit from the companionship of expert leaders and gifted cowboys. If you are just beginning to ride a horse, the horse will be well looked after.

About 250,000 acre offer a stunning landscape for horseback riding, while 1200 Black Angus cows do a lot of work. That' real beef work, which is necessary to keep the farm running!

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