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Equestrian horses are a kind of show horses in Great Britain. Equestrian horses can be of any kind, but are usually warmbloods or thoroughbred crosses. Horseback riding (horse show) - Wikipedia Equestrian is a kind of show horse in Great Britain. Equestrian can be any kind, but are usually warm-blooded or thoroughbred mating. Riding horse breeds and shows are managed by the BT Horse Show Association.

Ideally, the riding horse should be somewhere between a chopper and a fighter, with good qualities, good bones, good foundations, good physical strength, real physical strength and real actions.

The riding ponies are subdivided into two sections: Little riding horse: Big riding horse: Lessons are assessed according to types, driving style, manner and conformity. Students are asked to go, trot, galop and (if circumstances allow) galop together in the group. In this case the judges rides on the horse and can demand from the participants personal performance, so-called "shows".

Horse riding can be shown straight or in a side saddle. Horse back riding are depicted in turn broken in colour, with a colourful headband. Horsemen should be wearing sweatshirts and riding caps, trousers in creme or buffer, a creme colored dress coat with ties and big riding shoes in dark colors. Drivers should be wearing a blue or blue blazer with a creme or ivory shaft, attached with a needle, and a cylinder for the night series.

Racehorse to Riding Horse was presented at the Horse of the Year Show in 2006. Although the size of the category is similar to a riding horse category, even those good show hunting or show hacking models can participate. In order to be considered, the horse must be fully pure-bred and entered in the Weatherbys General Deck Book.

A horse must have been trained as a race horse, but does not necessarily have to have been in the race. Participants who show their horse as a riding horse should be wearing naval coats and caps, while those who show their horse as a hunter should be wearing teed coats.

Participants who qualify for the Horse Of The Year Show should be wearing either dark or marine coats and a top hat. Riding horse classes are similar to the British amusement classes "Hunter Under Saddle" in the USA, although the US judge does not show any riding or individual performances.

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