Horse Rope Halters for Sale

Rope halter for horses for sale

We proudly offer you the finest handmade rope and horse halter. Search Mustang, Professional's Choice and Kensington brands for a variety of colors and styles. Reflective adjustable horse halter padded Weaver Nylon for sale! Horse halter for sale. Large selection of holsters or holster and lead rope combinations.


Using the same material and rugged construction that has been used by the West for many years, Mary's Tack and Feed rope holders are a dependable all-round tool, perfect for any horse and horseback. Store Mary's range of top-of-the-range rope holders from labels such as Double Diamond, Professionals Choice and Kensington at our competitive rates.

Easy-to-construct, strikingly designed and easy to adjust, rope holders are the ideal complement to your saddlestor. With a 16-strand braided diamonds rope cores, this is one of the most powerful rope holders on the world. This dependable holster is a favourite among top horse coaches and is suitable for both horse exercising and horse back riding.

Mary's also wears double diamond rope holsters such as the Buck Brannaman holster and the Pliable holster, making it easy for horse owner to find the right rope holster at a good cost. Professional's Choice Clician Rope Holster features a 15 foot leash and side knot that make it easy to turn your horse quickly and simply, while the Kensington Rope Holder and the Kensington Rope Leader Kit provide similar results.

Whatever your preference, Mary's is sure to have a make and a prize that suits you.

XL Draft Size Rope Holder too!

This is a rope holster big enough to carry warm-blooded creatures, designs... and even the extra-large'big' drafted elephants (XL draught size) that could be in your shed! All of these rope holsters are carefully "tied by hand" by a real Idaho rider. It has a 5/16 " perimeter and is a flexible, smooth rope.

When your horse sometimes "barely" fit into a drawhead stable, then take the XL Drafter! Miss Sophie", our style is a thoroughbred Percheron with a big head. More like a water melon colour.... it is an extraordinary colour and stands on "Sophie" in the image.

Thanks to "Molly", a broodmare who sent us her photo with her new lilac holster.

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