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Hors Coolers & Sweat Rugs. Blankets - Clear filters. Before you buy your horse blanket, check the website of the respective brand. To measure your horse for the best fit, use the following steps:.

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I' had a nice little treat with my own carpet. I' ve purchased one for my young-ster, which has (finally) slowered the growing. It' also goes perfectly with my old man. The old man is purebred and the young man is Frisian. A very spacious nape of the head and storm flap butt and everything in between.


The Horseware company has been selling horse blankets to many equestrians since its foundation in 1985 and has been a revolutionary force in riding equipment. In the many years in which it has been firmly rooted, its label has grown enormously and has brought a large number of other product lines such as riding clothes onto the market.

The Horseware label was awarded in 1996 for its Rambo turn out carpet because it is the best turn out carpet in the world and its designs have inspired many other horse designs in the world. The Horseware family was founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, because Tom's dedication was the driving force behind the brand's success.

The horse was to make a blanket that would not run out, make the horse perspire or slide and that is exactly what he did. It' unique and groundbreaking designs were without a doubt a revolutionary feature for switch carpets in the horse riding sector and were the inspiration of many other designs. Horseware Rugs' designs are amazing because they constantly review their existing product to make them better.

Horseware's top prioritization is client happiness, as many of its staff have their own horse and know how annoying it can be not to have the best horse blanket. Your initial Rambo Rug designs will be changed to offer a truly unique selection of horse blankets for all clients.

The Horseware are great for delivering items that add to any one-of-a-kind character and styling and there really is a great value for everyone. One of Horseware's consistent endeavors to renew its range of carpeting includes the subsequent prize for Britains favorite soft carpet, 9 years in a row. 3. It not only produces outstanding horse blankets, it has also launched a fabulous range of clothes that has also proved to be a great success with its clients.

Increasingly, they offer the best experiences for horse backpackers and grooms. Apparel they have launched contains quality for the fashion-conscious who depend on the versatility, comforts, and warmness of their workwear.

Millbry Hill is committed to providing you with the highest grade riding gear and apparel, and Horseware is the make to do just that. We have a comprehensive line that contains almost everything you need to care for your horse. You should have a look at what else we have in our horse blanket and riding apparel series.

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