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When you have a cold horse, a horse blanket can be what it takes to keep it warm in cold weather conditions. If you have the right horse blankets and equipment right from the start, life will be a lot easier for you and your horse! You know, how to make a horse blanket? Pets.

Test your horse to see how much material you need. Use the scale to take measurements from the middle of your horse's breast under the throat to the hind leg. From the horse's back to the tip of the penis, take this number. It is the crest between your horse's scapula.

Finally, from the horse's back to most of the run of his breast, around his forelegs and hindquarters. Follow the patterns according to your dimensions and visualize the form of a horse rug as you do. Use an old ceiling as a template if you have one.

Place the sample over your horse to check that your dimensions are accurate and that your neckline is large enough. When your dimensions are incorrect, it is simpler to match your sample of papers than your carpet. Place your sample on your cloth. Look at a material for the inside of the carpet that does not slipp.

While you can select a water resistant outdoor mesh, remember that a water resistant mesh will not breath. It can overheat if your horse wears the rug for a long while. Place your design on your cloth and trim it. Line out your cloth with the inside on the underside with the right side up.

Place your cotton wool on the upper material with the right side of the material downwards. Stitch the cloth and leave about 1 ft of the cloth free. Put your rug over your horse to find the correct position of your harness. Marks your ceiling where your harnesses are placed under your horse's throat, where the harness is placed under the cock and where the harnesses are placed around the run of his breast.

Take off the cover from your horse. Place half of the harness with the clasp on the lefthand side of the cover at the marking under your horse's jaw. Place the other half with the drillings on the opposite side of the ceiling opposite the marking.

You can fasten the ceiling by closing the waistbelt. Put the third strap on the places where your cover closes under your horse's cock. Trim four 10" woven fabrics. Put each part to the markings you made where the ceiling will fit along your horse's rib.

Through the carabiner, thread the fabric on the lefthand side of the ceiling. Do this again with the other strap on the lefthand side and the other carabiner. Fasten the D-rings to the right side of the cuffs. Unfold and sew the fabric.

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