Horse Rug Offers

Blanket offers

The blanket provides extra warmth so that your horse does not develop any or less winter coat and dries slowly after sweating. Carpets for stables for horses Horseware, Amigo, Rambo, Rhino, Back on Track, Bucas, QHP, Dy'on and Trust are available in all kinds and strengths of shelters. Sturdy carpets and false ceilings with hoods, without hoods or with removable hoods are available. What do you need a rug for? The blanket provides additional heat so that your horse does not have any or less fur and dries gradually after a sweat.

One of the greatest advantages of a rug is that it is more breathable than an outside carpet. When you have the opportunity to switch carpets when your horse goes outside and comes back inside, we recommend that you use a blanket in the house and put a blanket on your horse when he is outside in the fields or in the dock.

A false ceiling can be used under an external ceiling (and sometimes also under a barn ceiling). Horseware Liner (under the carpets) can be fastened to an outside carpet with Velcro fasteners. Bucas Select under the carpets can be fitted to all Bucas carpets that have fastening straps for a bobcat.

In addition to these carpets, we also provide the classical underlay made of wool, which can be used under an outside carpet. Classical carpeted plain lace has no belts. Barn carpets have a cloth, so you know how to tell the difference.

Carpets winters

Winters carpets - When the temperature drops, a good, hot winters carpet is important for your horse. It is important to consider the blanket width when purchasing a blanket for your horse. If the horse is cut, we suggest a heavier carpet, this is indicated by the number of grammes.

Have you got any question about the thicknesses of the carpet? Do you buy a snow carpet for your horse? If you buy a blanket for your horse, you have a wide selection. Kroo Ruitersport has various makes of carpets such as BR snow carpet, Bucas snow carpet, Harry's Horse snow carpet, HB snow carpet, Horseware snow carpet, QHP snow carpet and some other carpets for the year.

Do you need help with the purchase of a conservatory rug? Affordable carpets for your horse In our current collection of horse carpets for snow, we also have some very affordable carpets for your horse. You can find an inexpensive hibernation blanket for your horse by searching for the right one. You can see all our offers for our carpets.

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