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You will find a carpet for every horse with familiar horse blankets such as Horseware, Big D and Centaur. At Unicorn Equestian we have the widest selection of horse blankets for your horse. KIWAI Anti Sweat Mesh Rug - Kiwi Anti Sweat Mesh Rug. Trusted Oriental Rug Authority of the Philadelphia region. The horsehair, on the other hand, is mainly used for additional decorations such as tassels.

Sires Horse Blanket Carpet Storage Bag SM(2 Blanket)

Your ceilings stay neat, tidy and always look good with the Horse Blanket/Rug Storage Bags. The spacious sailcloth handbag can hold up to two to five covers, according to format. With a hardwearing zip on three sides of the pocket to make your blanket easy to put in, the hardwearing outside and inside are made of waterproof and protect your blanket pack!

Ideal also for the storage of leaflets, stable plates and coolers!

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There is no known date on which an Oriental rug was weaved. An archeological exploration of the Altai Mountains in the south of Siberia in Russia in 1949 dug up a king's grave mounds containing a wondrously conserved frosty rug known as a Pazyryk rug that served as a saddlecloth for a horse.

Pazyrk rug is the oldest known example of hand-knotted rug from the fourth or fifth centuries BC. Rug weaving was started by the Central Asian nomads. The trunks made small tapestries, usually adorned with geometrical motives based on the shapes of plants and animals.

Nomad carpets were both ornamental and utilityist and served as floors, tapestries, curtains and saddle bags. Especially by ltalian dealers the carpet was appreciated in Europe. The Venetians distributed eastern carpets in their small alleys, hanging the carpets on the window and using them to adorn their cabin.

At the beginning of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, eastern carpet collection was to be found in the large courtyards of Europe. The Europeans were no longer interested in eastern carpeting in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Following the major 1891 show in Vienna, Europeans were once again enthusiastic about Asian carpet. The interest and request for Middle Eastern carpeting is increasing in the 21. cent.

Pazirik carpets are the oldest still existing Orient carpets. Presumably it was made in Persia around the fifth millennium BC. Pazirik carpets are of little-known ancestry. It measures 6 by 5 by 6 ft, with the main theme being tiling, encircled by moose and rider trim.

Pazirik carpets are exhibited in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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