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Which carpets do I need for my horse? In order to help you, we have compiled a guidebook to the different kinds of horse blankets so that you know exactly what you need to buy for your horse. Have a look at our complete range of switch carpets. Like the name says, you should use carpets when your horse is in the barn to keep it warmer.

A lot of carpets are also respiratory, i.e. they allow moisture and perspiration to evaporate from the horse's snout. Have a look at our large choice of carpets. These carpets provide more freedom of motion for the horse than other carpets, so that they are not limited during training, and are usually made of a more robust fabric to withstand the stresses and strains outside.

Handkerchiefs and carpets are mainly used in summers to keep your horse safe from annoying pests and beetles, which are much more common in warmers. Flying can be a genuine annoyance for your horse (as it is for us), but it can actually be very hazardous and cause infection and illness, which is why a handkerchief is an important buy.

They can also buy mosquito nets, caps and a veil to keep insects away from your horse's eye and ear, which can be particularly bothersome. There are different strengths and densities of horse blankets - light, moderate and heavy. Light horse blankets are used in warm conditions and are usually 0-200g full, while medium-heavy carpets range from about 200-300g.

Heavy horse blankets are available from 300g filling weight and are used when the horse's body temperatures really fall to keep your horse warmer. The harder the carpet, the more the horse's movements are hindered, so remember that when you train. If you have any question about which horse blanket is right for your horse, please contact us.

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