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Hoeköks offers you an extensive assortment of carpets in different price ranges, which you can buy online. Saddlery Ridelo Rugs & Equipment Saddlery Ridelo has all the carpets you need for your horse. Online shoppings with immediate shipping directly to your home. There are 600D, 1200D and 1800D paddocks, horse blankets and carpet. There is a range of products for the whole season, including poly cotton and mats.

We at Ridelo are proud of the wide range of colors of horse blankets.

Have a look around our website to benefit from our discounts and quick and reliable deliveries.

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Our high-quality wild horse assortment comprises insect protection, vital therapy and antibacterial blankets for winters. In order to preserve these sensitive parts of your horse, you should also use the Mesh Leg Protector and Cock Protector with your Wilde Horse carpet. Dick Wick magnetics are engineered to support your horse's back and joint.

See also our assortment of horse magnetism, which includes bucket tops, tibia and chord heels. Stovez is proud to be a specialist dealer in high value horse blankets from Zilco Australia. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Zilco began making horse blankets and has worked tirelessly to build a solid foundation for fitting and lasting styles.

Zilco's large selection of carpets includes outdoor and indoor carpets, mid-season carpets, barn carpets, rain cloths and mats. Please refer to the individual carpets page for instructions on customizing Zilco carpets.

Skye Park Horse Blankets Online | Canvas, Winter, Sommer

Voting for a horse blanket or bonnet online can be a little scary. Today they come in such a wide range of styles and fabrics that it can be difficult to know what is best for your horse. In the ideal case a horse blanket should be lightweight, but sturdy and durable, weather-resistant and at the same token provide the right amount of heat protection for the year.

Today's production processes involve the use of composite materials - mixtures of man-made fibers and genuine linen - which allow very accurate monitoring of the heat characteristics of a horse deck. One of our most trustworthy producers, Ascot Equestrian manufactures a wide selection of horse blankets and toques. Ascot Equestrian also offers an outstanding selection of minature horse blankets, bonnets and shelters.

SEKYE PARK is our top specialist for horse blankets and hoods, with a product line that comprises three types of screens to make horse blankets for winters, summers and in between. Scythian carpets also use tuffnut, a magnetic spinning compound that offers Skye Park's superior thickness, heat and malleability.

In addition to carpets, Skye Park offers additional features such as additional drips, pleats and a fly pawl to keep your horse comfortably and hygienically. Specialising in super-lightweight, heavy-duty and affordable combination horse blankets, these rugs feature fine sateen and maned stripes and offer a great, cost-effective option.

Available in either turquoise or orange, these amazing horse blankets are available in either clear or red.

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