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We offer you a large selection of branded and exclusive switches, quilts, coolers, fleeces, exercise sheets and fly carpets at exceptionally low prices! Have a look at our range of horse blankets, including neck fleeces, switch carpets and lighter options for the summer. Blankets | Decathlon They are susceptible to drafts and moisture. Once the horse begins to sink, make sure you have a carpet that you have selected according to the following criteria: whether your horse is in the barn or not, and whether it is cut off or not. That is very important in the equestrian field.

Horse blankets are of different types. Decathlon offers bed linen, carpets and practice rugs. You can keep your horse protected from bugs and rains and take away the sweat to keep his body moist. Practice rugs differ from the other two because they can be used while the horse is working.

Only the best ones provide better moisture transport and keep your horse at a constant level of heat.

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If you have a robust local or a good whole blood, there is a good chance that your horse has a carpet or two (or three, or four.....). Carpets for switches are a must in every horse's closet in cold weather. While an uncut local model can do without a switch carpet, the use of a light switch carpet to prevent wetness and sludge can be a great advantage for the driver!

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Rugs, also called horse rugs, are an important part of horse grooming gear. For their height and power, the horse is astonishingly delicate. It is susceptible to weather conditions and must remain hot and dehumid. Rugs adapt to the horse and attach themselves on the spot. Horse rugs in different dimensions are suitable for both horse and pony.

Blankets give you the opportunity to keep your horse safely even in bad weathers. A horse deck's Denier score determines how rugged a carpet is, so look out for higher rankings. They should also pay attention to the lightweight material used in your horse's blanket.

Protect your horse from the weather and keep him in a blanket to keep him cosy and cuddly.

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