Horse Saddle parts

Saddle parts for horses

Horse Saddle Shop interactive western saddle diagram. Now I know how to ride and most parts of the saddle, but I don't remember everything. Parts of an English saddle To learn how to properly name and recognize the parts of an inch saddle is a fundamental part of riding. The saddle has a feature that makes it convenient and efficient. Knauf: A saddle knob is the area at the front of the saddle where the rods and the oesophagus of the trees meet.

Your British saddle has the back of a cantele. It' also the back of the chair. Most of the cars have it turned slightly upwards to help the driver. Sit: The saddle is the part of the saddle on which the saddle the horse is sitting while driving.

It' between the knob and the coat. British calipers are judged by the height of the saddle fit. This is a small strap of saddle mounted directly above the stapes. Covering the metallic stapes, it smoothes the interface between front and back seats.

Shut up: It is located under the saddle of the saddle on an British saddle. He hides the truncheons and the saddle belt. Oesophagus: An oesophagus of an Anglo-Saxon saddle is the canal between the saplings. Placed directly above the horse's spinal column. Two-wheeled: The two-wheeled saddle is located between the knob and the saddle and is referred to as the slimmest part of an inch saddle.

Panels offer damping between the back of the saddle and the horse. Situated under the saddle on the underside of the saddle on both sides of the esophagus. Well, not all British calipers have kneeler cuffs. These are an option function mounted on the front of the liftgate to keep the driver's legs in touch with the liftgate and to avoid the driver's legs sliding too far forward on the liftgate.

Trunch: On each side of an inch saddle there are three clubs. These are under the cover and are used to attach the belt to the saddle. It' usual to use two of the three sticks on both sides of the saddle and let one hang without fixing anything to it.

Belt: It is used to keep the saddle on the horse. The saddle is fixed to the saddle with the sticks and the saddle is pulled tight by the saddle holder so that the saddle is held firmly to the horse. Stapestick: Steigb├╝gel is a small chunk of steel used to fix the saddle to the saddle.

Stirrups leather: Steigb├╝gel leathers are either imitation leathers or leathers that are used to attach the saddle to the stapes themselves. Padded leathers are fixed to the stirrups. Stirrups: It is a three-sided metallic framework in which the driver's feet sit while driving. It is also used to assist in mounting the riders and to give extra strength and strength to the rider's legs and legs while in use.

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