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At TSC we carry horse saddles, blankets, cinches, collars, bags, pads and stirrups. Australian saddles, Australian saddle, Australian saddle, trail saddle, horse saddle, endurance saddles, oil varnishes, Australian hats. The man from Oklahoma takes the horse to the feeding and saddle warehouse, becomes viral.

Obklahomans, who shops in a forage, drawing pins and utilities shop, got a savage astonishment when a man came to the shop to buy horse food - with a horse at his side. A Cheyenne, Oklahoma-based Robin Morris was in the queue at the Elk City Tractor Logistics Company when the man whose name is currently unclear showed up.

Surprised, the Tractor Supply staff asked their chief whether the man could come in with his horse. Morris said the man was permitted by the executive to come in and explained that all animals are welcome as long as they are on a lead. Later Morris went to Facebook to split video and pictures from the show.

"Only in Oklahoma " she titled the article, which has become viral in the meantime and by Wednesday evening recorded 50,000 responses and almost 70,000 stocks. Morris was sharing a tape with others that shows the man going through the front of the store and then to the cash register. One second shows the man who threw a pouch of food on the saddle before the horse - which seemed to stay quiet throughout the whole show - left the shop.

It has also received tens of millions of comments all over the UK from people who use it. "This is a great horse," said one operator. She said Morris decided to "stay nearby to see and take it in[because] I thought most people wouldn't believe it," and added that she never anticipated the contribution becoming viral. What she said was that she would never expect it to be there.

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