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It is the task of the saddle tree to distribute the rider's weight on the horse's back in order to make it more efficient and comfortable for the horse. Tree width must be large enough to allow the horse's shoulders to rotate freely under the tree. Tree and Saddle Fitting was first developed to help our customers understand how our tree measurements worked on different types of horse bodies. That horse will have a refined body with a definition in .

Saddle tree

It all starts with the saddle tree. It is the basis for the saddle, the framework on which everything else is constructed. You will never have a high class saddle without a high class tree. Frecker`s Saddlery (Idaho Falls, ID) has a great picture set on their website about the construction of a saddle tree.

It is the task of the saddle tree to spread the rider's body mass over the horse's back in order to make it more effective and convenient for the horse. The tree is made up of five fundamental parts - the two rods running side-by-side, the front forks holding the rods together, the rear mantle holding the rods together, and the bugle.

An oesophagus is the section or tube under the forks. Between the rods the free spaces are formed and are known as the oesophagus canal. Saddle tree poles are the saddle tree supporting area. You' re the part that's in touch with the horse. Good sitting sticks of a westernsaddle will put only 3/4 pounds per sq inches on the back of the horse with a 150 lb ridder.

On the contrary, an Englishman saddle that has a much smaller footprint will carry about 1 3/4 pounds per sq. in. with the same driver up. That makes it much simpler for the horse to use old style horse saddles despite their higher weights. In order to evenly spread the load, the whole length of the sticks must be in even touch with the horse's back.

There must be a canal between the rods broad enough to keep the compression away from the vertebra. Also, the oesophagus must be high enough and broad enough to keep the compression away from the shrinkage and shoulder. The way a saddle tree fits on a horse's back depends on the form of the staff.

These are three graphs of the bar that define the fit: Veterinarian Joyce Harman has a beautiful chart in her books The western Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit which shows these very crucial graphs. Sattelhölzer are manufactured in the traditional way from timber, which is why they are also known as " tree ".

After assembly, a cover is spread over the tree and then dried and shrunk, further reinforcing the tree. Low-grade covers included linen, cheese cloth and skins of inferior qualities. The new fibreglass coating is beginning to convince some saddlers. This results in an extraordinarily powerful tree that still maintains a certain degree of versatility.

Taurus fur coated wooden tree is the best saddle tree structure for saddleries. It' also the most costly tree structure. Now that new synthetics have appeared, saddlewoods can be constructed for about 25% of the costs of wooden beams. Today the main part of the produced calipers is produced with artificial tree.

The Weatherly Tree x Artificial tree is made from plastics or glass fibre in a moulding procedure and differs greatly in its qualities. There are some other restrictions to the use of synthetics tree. They' re not as adaptable as forest shrubs. As they are made with moulds, there are few variations, which leads to cookies cutters.

Plastics, too, do not seem to be able to retain the fasteners and bolts used during installation and timber, which affects their durability. In the saddle tree there is certainly a place for plastics. But if you want to buy a top-grade saddle that will last a life and can deal with anything you encounter, you will opt for a wooden tree with bullskin.

It is probably a surprise to find that there are no industrial norms for saddle tree measurement and Terminology. Various tree manufacturers take different measures of a tree and even name the same tree with different name. So you think you're speaking from apple to apple, just to find out that the Sattler A Wade is different from the saddle maker B one.

It'?s not really worth trying to be a saddle tree specialist. It is better to ask the help of experienced riders and saddlers to lead you through the procedure. And at the danger of annoying some people, we caution you to be careful of tricks like floating tree. Theoretically, they may seem good, but if they were the best way, the top saddlers would use them and you wouldn't find them on mainly cheaper ones.

They are really more a reaction to the transition to artificial tree on produced seats that simply do not bend and match like a wooden tree. When you have a high class saddle with a high class wooden tree, you don't need a trim to match your horse. The Wade Tree × × There are a number of different tree species.

It is important to know that the name of a saddle tree relates to the way the tree forks. Other parts - bar, bugle, cantle, etc. - are also included. You' ll be hearing Wade, Bowman or Association and knowing that each of these will only identify the tree as a specific forks.

While there are some common classes for rod type basing on the width of the esophagus, there is little consensus about the breadths and naming of the classes. You' ll even see how snapshots are made between different classes, which creates an enormous amount of mess when you're buying saddles. Risking further confusions and arguments, I will divide the following sections and esophagus breadths from Richard L. Sherer's "Horseman's Handbook of Western Saddles.

Quadrilateral horse poles - slot width: 5 3/4" quadrilateral horse poles - slot width: 6". Whole quarters horse poles - Slot width: 6 1/4"-6 1/2" Additional width quarters horse poles - Slot width: 6 3/4"-7" Where are we now? Saddlers appreciate that over 80% of today's horse have an exterior that fits snugly into a full quarters horse or full quarters horse tree.

One of the biggest challenges will be to decide on a saddle with a high grade tree. If everything else goes wrong, the prize will be a very good sign of it.

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