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Made in Australia, Custom pvc and Beta Horse Tack. Mini Saddles, Long Distance Saddles, Draft and Custom items and sizes are a specialty. Australian Saddles, Australian Saddle, Australian Saddle, Trail Saddle, Horse Saddle, Endurance Saddles, Oilskin Coats, Australian Hats. The saddles designed and manufactured by James Saddlery have been used throughout Australia under the toughest conditions in the world. Explore the latest horse and rider products brought from all over the world.

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Impact cushioning provides maximal cushioning for the rail bones, sinews and other tender area. Clever rail cushion protects against cross fire and provides a tighter, clean fitting. The suspension fin is placed between the string and the gun bones to provide correct boots orientation. Cradle Fetlock System offers maximal lower extremity comfort and security through a dual coating of impact resistant wetsuit.

A prolonged coating of durable, bullet-proof fabric applied to the bucket area provides long life.

James Saddlery | Australian Made Stock Saddles (saddles of Australian production)

TREVOR & DANIEL JAMES DESIGNS, MANUFACTURES AND DISTRIBUTES AUSTRALIA STICK SADDLES IN AUSTRALIA AND ABROAD. THE HOME OF THE ROVER-PEDAL. HORSE: HORSE WITH ACHING BACKS, DRY SPOTS? ATTENTION: Our sales front will be closing from August 10 to August 23 as all employees will be participating in the Field Days in Brisbane Ekka and Agquip Gunnedah.

ATTENTION: The calipers shown on our website are calipers manufactured and marketed in the past. These are NOT special calipers available for purchase.

Sattlerwaren Kent - Handmade and quality horse and riding saddles for horse and rider to choose from

All Kent items are hand crafted from the finest craftsmanship using the finest craftsmanship in our Queensland factory. Kent Sattlerei's product catalogue presents our beautiful 72-page high gloss full color product in full color magazines. The Kent calipers are manufactured by hand according to your specifications. The saddlers have vast horse handling and saddling expertise and will accompany you through every stage of the production of your horse seat.

It is a story telling tale of Australia's rural population; tales of their life, past and present, their aspirations and aspirations and their pleasures and anxieties. Lyle and Helen Kent's Kent Saddlery is a privately owned company. We are a faire saddlery that manufactures many of our saddlery related saddlery items directly here in Queensland, Australia.

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