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Semitrailers, horse accessories and horse storage. Schneiders also has good western working equipment for the occasional rider or the long training days at home. We' ve got western saddles, running saddles, rope saddles and lots of turns. Headpieces, saddles and accessories and much more. Here you will find our NEW forms for saddle fitting (customers buy a saddle) and saddle advice (evaluation of the current saddle)!

Horsetrailers, Saddles, Ropes & Rope Accessories, Tack & Leg Gear

When we chose to handle their trailer line, we noticed two first features - power and elegance. That hasn't change in the 16 years we have been leading the Platinum Coach line. We still think they are one of the most powerful aluminium fans on the marked and one of the most beautiful.

Are your pads a "classic"? After checking our saddlecloth stock lately, you will find that we have got Classical be precise, there are now 64 to select from. Manufactured by Equibrand, Equiband equestrian equine equipment is appreciated by equestrian professionals and sportsmen in all areas of the world.

Of the champion cutter up to the PRCA Rodeo top sportsman.

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Many thanks for your visit to our onlineshop. We' re proud to have saddles and bridles that are one of a kind and difficult to find. The articles are available on-line. Like always, FREE delivery within the USA (we also send internationally, please mail us for a quote). In case you are interested in our prices, please send us an e-mail with your commercial and fiscal information.

All inclusive FREE delivery!

MOTHER: Tack maintenance: Washing Leather - The #1 resource for horse farms, stables and coaches.

The only thing to look out for when you bring some kind of glue to the washing machine is that the high print can influence the appearance of the grains on the leather," says Minor.

"When you make it moist, it becomes smooth and supple - and high pressures can sever these fibres; you need to be a little bit cautious with the dishes, because the skin contains wax and oil, and moisture will not permeate as quickly.

"A little bit of force kept away from the skin so that it doesn't get the basic push of the waters will take all the dirt and sweet. It' s just awful if you ride all days in the rains or if you have immersed your horse's rein in a cistern.

"When it comes to washing leathers, it's only a matter of doing it topically, opening the holes and fibres so that the debris can hover out, not soaking," says Cary, "then it can dehydrate at room warm. It will not damage the hide at all as long as it is permitted to dehydrate, especially if you treat it with care products to recover the oil, but often they get a can of glycerine fluid calf fluid soaps, spraying them on, working up a foam, but do not use foam - and therefore do not wipe off soiling.

"I use a five-gallon pail, and I could walk through two or three pails of hot tubs of hot air, according to how filthy the seat is," Cary said. "Use a large, thick pad that brings the moisture into the stitches and tears and wash some areas you can't even see.

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