Horse Saddles on Sale

Sale of horse saddles

You can choose between running, English, shooting, mule, ranch, pureer, rope or trail saddles, Australian saddles, Australian saddle, trail saddle, horse saddle, endurance saddle, oil coat, Australian hat. Wide range of saddles on offer! Great selection, lowest prices for Western saddles and free shipping for everything!

You will find a large selection of westernsaddles, trailsaddles, barrel saddles, rope saddles and tackers. Shipment is always FREE. Nowhere else can you find a better selection of Buffalo Saddlery Saddles, Circle S Saddles, Showman Saddles, Blue River Saddles or Buffalo Saddlery Saddles. I' ll tell you what. Our prizes will take the heat off the competitors.

That is top qualitiy at the lowest price. Wide range of saddles on offer! Great selection, lowest Western saddle pricing and free shipping on everything! Our stock is constantly updated to show the best available price directly from the producer. In contrast to other on-line stores that refresh their website once a year or every few month, we refresh it every 24-48hrs.

The saddles, cable saddles, trailsaddles, saddles and tacks are sent directly from the producer to you! As a result, the expense and trouble of a middleman is eliminated, which means you get the best possible price for your saddles and tacks. Shipment is always free and you will not find any concealed charges at the cash desk.

Second-hand saddles

We would be pleased to take your neat, well cared-for used saddles for training, near or general use. We' re working with you to find a competitively priced semi. When you select to pay by cheque, the cheque will be sent 30 day after the sale of your semi. Delivered saddles will be shown on our website as well as in the shop.

Please click on the link below to get a copy of our fifth wheel consignation contract. To send us a semitrailer for order picking, please call us before sending your semitrailer. After the sale of your goods you will receive 60% of the sales value as voucher.

Please click on the below mentioned buttons to see our shipping contract with all necessary information. Any new and used saddles can be tested before you buy. In order to test a seat, we authorise your cardholder for the cost of the seat plus VAT.

Authorisation records the money on your credit or debit card, but does not debit it. When you choose to buy the seat, call us within your 7-day evaluation and we will raise the fee for the authorised amount. When we send the seat to you, the costs of shipment and insuring your ticket will be invoiced at the date of shipment and are non-refundable.

When you do not buy the seat, you are liable for delivery or shipment (insured) to us. You must return it to us within 7 working nights of delivery and you must inform us before returning the semi. When we send a semitrailer to you, we will inform you about the delivery costs and shipment trace.

You will only be billed for the cost of shipping the semi. The saddles must be in the same state as they were sent to you. Should a seat come back defective to the degree that we have to lower the sales prices, your ticket will be debited with the amount of the discount.

You' re in charge of everything that can occur with the semitrailer after delivery. No warranty is given for the workmanship or security of the used saddles sold by us. These are some rules to ensure that the seat remains in the state it was sent to you.

On new or used saddles with restricted stapes markings, please protect your leather with a cellular ophane sleeve to avoid friction. They can be used in both new and used saddles. On all saddles, keep your riding brief and wearing riding trousers (the stitching in denim can be used to label saddles).

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