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Buy or sell a horse? The Ad Horse UK is the UK marketplace for horses for sale. The ad was recently placed in a Facebook group in the Kentucky section "Horses for Sale". For sale horses, horses classified ads for horses, tack, trailers, trucks, stallions and more. You can use these classified pages to offer your horse or pony for sale.

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2: This is Lionheart Crusader, a gorgeous 6 year old Gelding, he is 15.0 with a great temper, a gorgeous horse chest with flax manes and........ 10: For sale Barvae Summer Rose £750 open for quotes due to another upcoming veterinary bill 13.2hh Reg Welsh B 05yo Mare Broken in and see.......

NICE 3.5 YEAR OLD ALLROUNDER - ALSO FOR..... Nice 15.3hhhh Bay Mare TB from Lyphento.....

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3: Razzy is a 15-hh Dales x black/dark bay gelding that I had him since he was 4 years old and burst into him, he was breaking up to stand in front of the bac...... 4: HiTie is a breathtaking 16.2 handed 6 year old Ireland bay Mar. 6: Just Maybelieve is a wonderful darkbrown filly from 15h.

8: Villis Graffitti - Ginny is a 4 hh self bred 7 year old mares, maroon mares. NICE 3.5 YEAR OLD ALLROUNDER - ALSO FOR..... Nice 15.3hhhh Bay MKTB from Lyphento..... A LARGE CHOICE OF FOOES IN EXHIBITION QUALITY.....

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Hunter is an independant British website offering a straightforward and straightforward promotional tool for everything to do with them. Browse and browse across the UK on a hundred sale horse. Free-of-charge publicity & trust with tens of thousand of customers since 2005. Surely sensible luck..... Funny, secure, versatile, perfect as mother/daughter.....

Ginny is a 16 hour home made graffiti..... He' s sure..... Loup the Loup (GB), (Loup Sauvage, USA X Esparade..... OF LOAN WVTB General pony - Hack/Jump/Fun..... Breathtaking, secure and..... 15.2 All-rounder..... Ginny is a 16 hour home made graffiti.....

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To sell Archie completed a few years ago a vocational education and since then we have mainly done chopping, some trainings and a few shows locally. Suitable for beginners. 3hhhh piezbald Wallach, 5 years old. It is a trend-setting horse riding, astonishingly sportive for its greatness, with free movements and big steps.

Up to now he was mainly used for chopping and teaching, but already on his first trip he showed enormous show ring potentials and would also be a great fighter. Through the famous Just Toto (Traditional) Out of Stargate II by Achtermann (Trakhener) from Stella Blue (Sport Horse), Kirk unrolled all the power of his old-fashioned sire into the competitive physique that his dam gave him.

It is a very able show horse with a lot of skill and composure. He is a 17. 1h HOME BROWN 6 year old gelding and has an outstanding stud farm and he would promote the Cleveland Bays as well. He' been rode and chopped since a 4-year-old, sensible, gentle horse.

Simple to do in every way, boxing, traveling, for the veterinarian or blacksmith and has a lovable, willing person. He' s well-placed and he' s taking a daring, sincere leap. ?For? Sell ?? Sorry sale of this nice filly, 8 years old with 14 years. A handsome, friendly, calm being, always managed by kids, she is capable of anything and always likes people!

She was supported at the age of 4, she was hacked into the woods, where she was confronted with small tree trunks and trenches. During the last 3 month he was stationed at the Triley Fields Equestrian Center to continue her schooling. A very clever 15 year old TB/ID brown gelding.

Took the last 6 month with sj, training and versatility. Ranked in 2 of her 3 odes with 80 years and a 3. single place at R/C Area Horse Trails in Sapey. A real filly with the capacity to walk much higher without worrying about trenches, Casper is 16 years old. 2hhh ascending 8 Oldenburger Wallach.

He has three good steps, he's a bridle's mouth for all three stages. 10-year-old brown Gelding looking for a 5-star-house to have a good time. A very conspicuous one with a great X-factor! amazing speeds. well poised of course... and a great character.. too good to stay on the pitch, he would do every work very well except polo!

She' s a very empty screen, because everything she has done is for walking in her hands and studying the basics (i.e. taking up her hoofs, Salvo is a great horse for families and will surpass her in every area light. Salvo is friendly, uncomplicated and has good peoplemanship.

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