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Click through our menus above to get tons of information and see the horses we currently have in the barn! Barn Showcase Sale Replacement Equestrian aims for honesty, great horse and equestrian combination and total customer contentment in every deal. Supported by a wide range of global experiences, Kyle Timm, the coach, draws from the best blood lines in Europe and designs every horse according to his needs. They are all in the USA and successful at the announced levels.

Topline proprietor Morgan Rosenberg has shown both US coastlines and worked behind the curtains in Germany and is thus optimally trained to procure high-quality sports horse import for serious US purchasers. In order to verify your long checklist of lucky shoppers, visit the Topline Testimonials page. Wisegarver's 30 years of expertise and attention to detail has won a number of championship titles at contests such as Devon, Harrisburg, Washington, Winter Equestrian Festival and Pony Finals.

He/she uses his/her comprehensive team of professionals and specialist knowledge to choose top class ponies for purchasers. Besides a broad palette of riding activities, they also provide a large number of high-quality hunting and jumping mares, which satisfy the needs of horsemen of all performance classes. Tradition of diligence and equestrianism are trademarks of their succes and are defended at all echelons.

A young horse with a young sporting potential is designed for a domestic arena and is proud to be sold to the serious purchaser. Hillcrest Farm promotes real equestrianism, sports enthusiasm and respects animals at all levels, from Walk/Trot to Grand Prix. The variety is mirrored in the sales horse, where in addition to the tried and tested riding horse and high-quality imported from Europe, large shows are often on offer.

With ESHI we offer the best of both worlds: an extensive database of professional horse agencies and a selection of horses from all over the world. By removing the linguistic barriers and using progressive technology for medium and testing, they are able to find high-quality hunters, show jumpers and horse talents for purchasers near and far.

Falcon Ridge is situated on an area of 23 hectares and is a high class stable with an experienced staff of pros. With a focus on hunting, jumping and equestrian sports, they are developing horsemen of all performance classes, from occasional horsemen to serious fighters, and are responsive to the individual needs of each horse. Her choice of horses for sale is a reflection of her programme's focus on fitness for juniors and amateurs.

Park-lane shoppers benefit from the qualitiy of a single Euro port at a small percentage of the risks. Top horse breeder select the best horse for spirit, build and skill and have to successfully complete comprehensive tests. They are then bought by Park Lane and put to the test in their Dutch stables for at least a whole period to make sure they are suitable for the United States.

In Canada (May-November) and Ocala, FL (December-April) the horse can be tested on modern equipment. Park Lane Horse is the answer for those who cannot go to Europe and feel unwell about an invisible sale. The Gavin Moylan Stables is a full-service programme that participates in high calibre meetings across the entire Eastern shore.

Each horse at GMS is different and individual workout programmes are designed for each horse and horse owner. You specialise in the production of top hunters, show jumpers and equestrian sport partner for serious competition and always have a large choice of high class sales horse at your disposal. At Hidden Hill Farm we strive to build long-term relations with purchasers of top class ponies.

It takes into account the needs of each individual purchaser, is behind each sale and guarantees full disclosures when working directly with them. The Fairy Tale Farms is a family-run, family-oriented horse show, just a few steps from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. The offer of the best horse grooming and a supporting surrounding that encouraged the show riders has brought them succes on domestic and international theatres.

Respectable purchasers are welcome as well as a nice choice of top class ponies. The purchasers are spoiled with a high-quality choice of hunters, show jumpers and riding ponies as well as young prospective customers, which are hand-picked by sports horse breeder in Europe and the USA. Affordably priced "A" distance experiences at nearby Kentucky Horse Park mean competitively priced horse sales, and close to Blue Grass Airport make it simple to get around at any season.

They work together to create contemporary riders for today's show ring and always have a breathtaking range of sales horse to choose from. Deutsche Horse Center provides purchasers of sports horse with unparalleled entry to Germany's most prestigious studs and sales facilities. Our full-service expertise encompasses personalised horse trips, trip scheduling, expert shopping advice and easy entry to top quality trainings in Europe.

Greg Crolick Stables is a luxury sports horse stable and a well-established A-Circuit range, embedded between squares and comforts. He/she and Ms. Jessica form the GCS team, in which a good choice of high-quality sales ponies is always available. Baxter Lane is a small business just 15 min from HITS Ocala that specializes in the education and sale of top class hunting, show jumping and riding horse breed.

Heather Dayner, coach, looks after all our stables and show rings, taking into account the individual needs of each horse. This acknowledgment is the keys to the success of horse and rider coordination and to their long histories of happy customers and repeat customers. She starts out in the stable, where the horsemen get to know and appreciate their animals, and continuing her coach Heather Steinmen in the ring, where she works with the many hunters, jumpers and master trainers she has worked with.

If it' s the right moment to show your horse and rider, they are quiet, self-confident and safe and ready to excel in any kind of racing world. The Kali Jerman program is designed for hunters, show jumpers and equestrians of extraordinary qualities and emphasizes their well-being for long-term prosperity. There is fierce rivalry between equestrians on the eastern shore on a regular basis and tried and tested résumés are offered for their work.

Customised Europe tours can be organised to suit your special needs, while a 200' x 80' interior with cabriolet pages will welcome shoppers at home all year round.

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