Horse Sales today

Sale of horses today

Buckle Golden Select Horse Sales 1 ) I/we guarantee ownership of each registered pet and consent to the defense of this right against any claim. The Nile may act as my representative in the open auctions of the aforementioned pet, with full power to assign ownership thereof and to obtain the revenue on my behalf. You will not pay any cost, liability or other expense (including attorneys' fees) to Nile as a result of or in connection with any legal matter or deficiency in any or all pets shipped or any lien, seizure or claim against the net profits from their purchase.

I retain ownership, interest, ownership and administration of each shipment until the hammer is removed or any other usual way of announcing the conclusion of the transaction. 2 ) I hereby renounce for myself, my horse(s), my heir( s), my executor (s) and my own agents all right and claim for compensation against NILE, its board, employees, membership, sponsors and MetraPark, Yellowstone County, their agents, successors and assign for all damage, loss, theft, injury or loss resulting from my attendance at this even.

As soon as the horse is catalogued, no further shipping cost reimbursements will be granted for any at all. Once approved and catalogued, I authorise NILE to inspect my shipment at an on-site pre-sale inspection by an accredited vet and a veterinary panel. Judgement from the horse in trot and upright. Shipments that do not pass the on-site inspection will be taken out of sales and will not be refunded the shipping costs.

The shipper is responsible for transporting the shipment to the sieving and selling point and for keeping an eye on the animals before and during the sales. Shipments that are not present at the inspection will not be charged. 4 ) For each horse sold, NILE will pay a $100 Consignation Charge at the date of delivery for the sales of Weanling/Yearling, $150 for the sales of Performance Horses.

5) Sales commission: The Nile retains a sales percentage of seven per cent (7%) of the sales value for each horse that enters the ring. If there is a shortfall, the sender pays NILE the remaining amount due. Trademark inspections and horses are only approved after full payment.

7 ) Any horse that is accepted for purchase must go through the ring, unless NILE sorts it out due to injuries or illness or excludes it from purchase. Every pet that enters the ring will be auctioned to the highest tenderer. a. If the vendor keeps the highest offer, he/she is liable to pay NILE a $100 (Weanling/Yearling Sale) or $200 (Performance Sale) surcharge.

If a registered pet is not sold at the end of the sales process, NILE has the right to obtain a certification of its or its animals' registrations until all fees or liabilities due have been paid. 8 ) All ponies (without warranties ) are sold "as is" with all commitments and warranties between the purchaser and the vendor.

9) Auctions of all our ponies are held in accordance with the Montana State Law. The sellers must bring all sales ponies back to their stables after they have been purchased. 10 ) The sales revenue will be distributed to the senders after seven (7) bank workingdays. 11 ) All ponies marketed as recorded ponies must have a certificate of attendance at the show.

The sender must provide Nile with a copy of the Registered Horse document and a duly completed copy of the Registered Horse form for all non-sold class equidae at the date of dispatch. a. For weaned/yearlings, a copy of the Reg. Request must be provided at the date of dispatch. 12 ) Shippers must provide NILE (prior to on-site screening) with a recent Coggins test positive test result, a recent Coggins medical certification and a recent Coggins trademark inspectorate.

The vendor must make a holster with horse available to the purchaser. 13 ) Nile is entitled (1) to refuse any registration at any moment; (2) to restrict the number of shipments and/or to terminate the shipments before or after the closing date; (3) to establish the order of sales of all registrations; (4) to allocate or invoice the barn equipment at its discretion; (5) to make specific notifications regarding a registered pet at the moment of purchase; and (6) to modify the point of purchase and/or the selling period without prior notification for schedule or fact.

14) Notices from the section take priority over print products in the sales catalogue and all other notices. All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the catalogue, but NILE, sales manager/auctioneer or seller are not liable for mistakes and do not accept any responsibility for oral or writing testimonies about the horse that has been purchased.

15 ) Conditions of sales are US dollar, money, approved cheque, traveller's cheque, debit or debit note (for a 3% fee), due within one hours of closing the purchase. 16 ) Ownership shall pass to the buyer upon knockdown by the successful bidder, whereby the buyer assumes the liability and risks of injuring the horse.

A violation of the horse or a modification of the horse's state after the horse's death but before the definitive statement or acceptance in accordance with this agreement shall not be a reason for withdrawal from the buy. Immediately after the hammers have fallen, the buyer or his representative may take good charge of the horse, keep it in safekeeping and/or inspect it, but such acceptance shall not be deemed to be a supply.

Any person participating in the sales process does so at their own risks and Nile, the establishment and sales administration are not responsible, either legally or otherwise, for any personal or animal crash. 18 ) If a horse is taken out of service or "not sold" or "bought back" on the property during the Nile events, the vendor is obliged to make a payment to NILE.

Autographed bank remittance 3) Posting fee 4) Images. The horse is assessed according to physique, physical shape and meekness. Please register for the veterinary examination. They can look at your horse in 1 group. Requires to register at the moment of the broadcast to be included in the previews. Documents/parts needed to get to NILE: Stables for sales horse. For more information, see the sender's accept ation notice and the NILE website.

Horse videos to show the skill. This is a documentary used by the Commission and for advertising on NILE PhotoCity. Write the name of the horse and/or the sender clearly on the tape. Mark the pictures clearly with the name of the horse and/or the sender. Emphasize the uniqueness and benefits of your horse.

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