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First in equestrian sports, Top Horse is Australia's number one website. Irrespective of the disadvantages, the Internet is an important marketing tool and if you are in the business of selling horses, it is important to have a website. All of us want to spend as much time as possible with our horses. Purchase your own products, test them, wear them, eat them (if you sell food). Sale of horse transporters, trucks, transporters, special designs and conversions.

Extraordinary sales foals and studs at the Gestüt

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Horse for salers, coach rides and harnesses from Dragon Driver

for selling hundred of pony and horse for selling. For only £6, you can buy a retail article. Dragoon is the place where you can buy and buy everything. The home theater of your phone or device is not just for the app. No matter which platforms you use, you can place the Dragon Driver website on your home monitor for quick use.

Purchase or sale of a horse or trailer

Do I know if I am purchasing or selling from a retailer? When the salesman doesn't have the pass or doesn't let you see him, go away. The sale of a horse can be a very emotive affair, and there are those who take it.

Sometimes a horse or bangs are sold for less because they think it goes to a good house. Some take the opportunity to make a good deal and buy the pet to resell it very quickly and profitably. In some cases others promote cheaper ponies, please note that in some cases they are looking for ponies for sal.

When you plan to buy a horse, make sure you first know what your privileges are to prevent litigation. This law only works if you buy a horse from a trader. Purchasing from a retailer can provide the best level of security.

When you find that your new horse has a condition that makes it inappropriate for the reason for which you purchased it, you are eligible for your refund â" even if the trader disputes the information. A new horse must be suitable for the purposes for which it was generally marketed or for any other purposes known at the date of the covenant.

Failure to meet any or all of these requirements may entitle you to a full reimbursement or the balance between the horse you purchased and the horse you purchased..... It'?s another thing to buy in private. When the horse has a condition, you must be able to show that the vendor knew or should have known about it in order to get a repay.

"However, you have to be able to show that the horse was misrepresented or inaccurate. Therefore, when buying a horse, you should obtain a salesman's statement in writing. Have the horse examined by your own veterinarian or an independant veterinarian. Instruct the veterinarian about the horse's needs.

At least once try out the horse and see how it is rode by its present owner. Serious traders will undertake in written form to take back a horse if it has a bodily or behavioral issue and either return the money or make an offering of a trade. Do not allow the trader to take the horse back to resell it on your name.

Let the horse borrow for a whole weekend to see how it will react to unknown terrain and give yourself about it. Whenever there is a situation, act immediately. Do not buy a horse without first seeing his pass. "The photo and the bangs detail was put on the ad, it was a 13th grade monogramm.

The 2 hour old filly should be 12 years old, which the salesman had for 4 years. and it was brought to us in the Midlands. You failed to mail the pass and the vendor said that it would be in the mail in the next few business hours (we have never yet got it).

In fact, it was 24 years old and had never been burglarized and it would be very risky to even be sitting on it, this was selling us a peaceful 12 children trauma pen. Do not buy a horse without being seen. Do not be intimidated, i.e. take the horse if you have the feeling that it is not the horse being promoted.

Keep a witness ready when you go to the "purchase" of a horse until it is handed over! Emphasize going to the stable to see â even if you have to cover a distanceâ. "Don't let them outsmart you." There's another horse-cheating! Support or give only to the horse that you know has a good name and that it actually exists, more than likely because you have attended the World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) organization!

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