Horse Shares for Sale

Equine shares for sale

Coach will be organized (South Africa) for this exciting race combination. Please send us a non-binding inquiry about one of the following horses today. Purchase a stock in a race horse Grands Syndicates can make your dreams of having a race horse come true. Full -blooded Syndication offers you the great option to purchase your own stake in a race horse for just one "giant". Giant!

When you have a penchant for horse race, you're not alone. Cheers of the crowd, fashions, sparkling wine, the hum ming you get from a race where you watch your own horse is unsurpassed.

With our Blood Syndicate Training Services, you can buy a stake in a race horse and realize your dreams of being a race horse owner for just one giant in advance. How does whole blood syndication work? If you buy horse race shares from Grand Syndicates, you will receive a 5% stake for only $1,100 inc sst.

Every one of our syndicates consists of 20 shares and you could be one of the happy possessors.

If it is about the event, you will get a call or e-mail before and after the event. You will also get a monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with the latest races information. In addition, all Grand Syndicate members have the chance to participate in a wide range of entertaining community, network and corporate activities where they can get to know other property owner and like-minded individuals.

Call us today if that rings a bell for you and soon you can realize your dreams of owning a racehorse.

Thoroughbred shares available for sale

When Dodgey goes away for a while, I just wanted to write you a note of thanks for everything you've done so far to organize visitors, deliver upgrades, be there on racing day, and so on. It' s great to get website upgrades and audio and keep up to date.

It is my first dilemma in a racehorse and I have a great session and really enjoy it. Throughout the years my boyfriends and I have driven several horse with different instructors and underwriters. Michael & Paul from Adrenaline Throroughbreds are easy to find the best we've ever used. At the moment I have shares in three and it is very worthwhile to see how they develop into top racehorses.

To have a horse with adrenaline must be one of the best choices I've ever made. Also I have ponies with others, but the update I get from Michael and Paul makes them different from others. My feeling is that I am kept up to date on every particular detail of my horse, even when they are spelt out.

Michael even recently came to pick me up and took me to Toowoomba to see how my horse writes. Thorougbreds' adrenalin has allowed us to take our first thrilling leap into the racing horse owner's realm. Our whole trip so far has surpassed our expectation - not only because our first horse, Epsilon, proved to be a horse that cracked, but also because we felt part of the whole outing.

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