Horse Sheets for Horses

Sheets for horses

Overwinds can separate the hair on a horse's coat and let the natural body heat escape. You can wear a stable cloth only in mild weather or as a base for the winter. On cool days in spring and autumn a soft cloth can keep your horse warm, protected and dry. Handkerchiefs are available to protect sensitive horses from fly irritation and at the same time provide ventilation, as they are made of a mesh material. The Lycra plates for horses are made of a hard-wearing Lycra material.

Therapeutical horse blankets & bed linen

All Back on Track sheets and covers have the same therapeutical effect and can be used by all horses - from leisure horses to racing horses or horses for the Olympics in every area. The latest Welltex-tech, which is poured into the fibres of the product, mirrors the horse's physical strength and provides a therapeutical district heating effect.

It is the best sold leaf for horses with back pain, muscle tension, arthritis problems or a stiffness trend. It is the best-selling leaf for horses with back pain, muscle tension, arthritis problems or a stiffness trend. Our Welltex fabric uses this watertight soft cloth in combination with 1680 deniers, which makes it extreme and helps your horse remain sober.

It is available in two different fabrics, for warming up or cooling down, for trailer-racing, but also after training or compete. It is the best-selling leaf for horses with back pain, muscle tension, arthritis problems or a stiffness trend. The back cushion can help to relieve complaints in your horse's muscle, ligament, tendons as well as joint and can be used to prevent and heal injuries.

This luxurious soft padding protects your horse from the cold and will dry him quickly after a horsewalk. Developed from moisture-absorbing meshwork in combination with Back on Track's Welltex fabric, this device can be used before or after training.

Horseracing Day Sheets - Shop Day Sheets for horses & ponies from Rambo, EZ Care & More

To keep your horse fresh and sober, use a Mary's Tag Scarf, the highest selection of horse protection. Mary's Tock has only the most wearable bedspreads from labels like Rambo, Weatherbeeta and Centuar to protect your pet on the fields, at a show or at home in the barn.

You' d never want your horse or bangs to get a cold after a swim or training session, so Amigo has developed a range of strong Moisture Management Films that wick away perspiration and keep your horse's body feeling hot and sore. Featuring tough polyesters on the outside and safe harnesses for an optimal fitting, these sturdy sheets give you the feeling that your horse is getting the best possible shelter.

Mary's Tock also wears a range of sturdy sheets to keep your horse lover neat and tidy in the hay loft or trailers. Available in a range of appealing colours, samples and slim design to look good when travelling or at a trade show, these high end bedspreads are fitted with sturdy belts and clasps for a safe seat.

Centuar' s EZ Care Daily Sheets in a refined two-tone look, Rambo's Newmarket Stationery Sheets with preppies or Baket's Play Holiday Sheets for a classical look. Mary's Tack's range of high end horse bedspreads from top horse manufacturers is sure to have the right towel for your horse or fringe.

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