Horse show Blankets

Blankets Horse Show

Anchor pony size Solid San Juan Show saddle pads. All our riding clothes are delivered with the necessary functions*** You will not have to pay extra for add-ons! We or our distributors exhibit our pads at most major trade shows. Xtra Quarter Horses head coach Trevor Dare.

Western-exhibition cushion - Schneider's

In the show ring, all drivers want to do their best, and that often means they have to intensify their tacking to put in objects that are more eye-catching and colourful than their normal stacks. Schneider has a wide range of Westerns saddles to help you give your show pack the same high level of performance you want from your pack.

Beautifully crafted from woollen blankets, these quilts provide first-class, flawless workmanship at an affordably priced price. 2.5 mm thick. When you are looking for the right mix of elegance, convenience and value, Schneiders is the place to be. Schneider's show pad range offers all types of classic westerly and southwesterly design, giving your show a classy feel.

To arouse some interest, try a plain stripey ceiling in alternate browns and golden tones, blues and blacks or bright pink and violets, or choose a classic design in a natural colour theme to arouse some interest without getting too savage. Available in different size to ensure the best possible fitting for you and your horse, these show pods can be used in combination with a working or protection cushion for added convenience and assistance.

In addition to their attractive and eye-catching colours and design, Schneiders show pods also provide invincible convenience features that are just unrivalled. They are made of high grade fabrics such as New Zealand finest yarn that wicks perspiration away from the horse's skins and are breathable. There are also a variety of prices for these westerns, but they are all competitive in terms of prices to keep you within your budgets.

Free shipment on all orders of $100 or more, you can simply add to your WOW show pack without having to empty your purse.

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