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remarks You will see a ShowSheen in almost every horse show in every movie for a good cause. This polisher and demister has developed into a basic foodstuff in our testers care kit as the last step in care. It is a non-greasy material that can be applied all over the horse's entire trunk to obtain a smooth, clear and smooth fur, hair and tails that will stand out in the eyes of any judges.

When ShowSheen was applied, our testers found it easy to wipe off the horse, making swimming less of a requirement. The care of your horse for a show starts with a good swim and a great hairbrush. EQyss Premier Schampoo has really put our tester's slimy horse to the test and we are delighted that he came out screeching well!

Gentle, silicone-free and pH-neutral, this product effortlessly removes soil from the fur and blank patches, yet is still gentle on the most delicate cats. Although our taster found out that she had to do an additional conditioner to completely eliminate all residues of soapy water, her horse was glossy, smooth and fragrant.

The EQyss Premier Aerosol combined with our perfect hair care gives our tester's horse an extra dose of humidity and lustre that even her stable companions notice! It can be used either damp or damp when cleaning or taking a bath and has a non-slip surface (i.e. it is no longer necessary to be careful not to use the saddle) that will repel dirt and is free of silicone at the same time.

A few workdays later, our test horse's delicate and flaky hide was less scaly and much more moist. Every rider knows that it can be a strenuous job to keep a horse's tails unravelled - these coursehair only want to be a dishevelled confusion and the swinging of the tails doesn't help. Ponytail Show Pony Shine.

She has a lump that often resembles a dreadlock, but a little of this slurry has halved her brushing times and kept her silk for the following few day.

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