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Platinum Performance Show Harness is a high-quality, handmade horse harness. This is Walsh's number one selling show dishes! Sophisticated show harness with raised design and straps in leather look. Delicate horse reins with handles. Fine-Leashes for horses.

Show Harness | Platin Performance Showgeschirr | Walsh Equipement équestre

Platinum Performance Show Harness is a handmade lace harness. Hand-made in small numbers to ensure the best workmanship and qualitiy. The highest grade Black Harness leather and high-gloss shiny, massive brasswork fittings with high-grade steal reeds ensure the ultimative, delicate show harness. This harness seems to be of unsurpassed qualit.

Platinum Performance Harness includes:

Delicate trapeze show

Bullet-Dee's Tack & Veterinary supplies

Canes from Walsh 2000 Classic Platinum Performance Show Harness. Walsh's number one at selling show dishes! These first class, delicate show dishes are perfect for use in the Saddle Horse and Quarter Horse Arena and are handcrafted in small amounts to offer the best in workmanship and qualitiy. This harness seems to be of unsurpassed standard!

High-grade, delicate show harness made of English bridlekin, pat leather and black harness leather. Massive brazen and high-grade hinges. Dark red pearl in ebony or dark red pearl in ebony.

Design Horse Show

$35,000 Big East Six Horse Hitch Showdown. In 1991 the first Big East Draught Horse Show took place on the Eastern States Exposition area. Horse lovers and trade fair visitors liked the "All Hitch" show with a horsetail horse show. In 1996 this massive horse extravagance was transferred from one day of the week to the week-end due to the unbelievable interest and enthousiasm.

It is a breathtaking view from the ocean of horse, harness and wagon! The Eastern States Exposition was selected to hosted the 1998 Six Horse Hitch Classic Series World Championship Finals in the United States. Draft Horse Show 2018 starts with a show on Thursday afternoons and continues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with shows in the afternoons and evenings.

With $35,000 in cash, the big final will take place on Sunday, September 30th at 1:00 p.m. Don't miss the great $35,000 Big and Six Horse Hitch Showdown. A good judges looks at everything: the horse, harness, carriage, rider, power and general attention.

Most points are set on the power on the track. Every horse should be neat, have a narrow plait in the hair, a well bound cock and be really mated. Harness should be neat and should match the horse. The well-fitted harness should improve the high headroom and mobility.

It is not allowed to see any part of the harness that is not attached. This trailer should be tidy and of adequate dimensions to ensure a good balance with the horse. You should place the speaker, or chair, directly above the centre of the group. Clothes should be tidy, hygienic and convenient. Now, to the next step, every horse should be in its place.

Every group should do its part. Ensure consistency of height, colour, step and scheduling in each group. If you see a crew working on the track opposite you, it should look like a horse in motion. On the outside of each side, the horse takes up its course easily in order to remain with the one on the inside upside down.

This hook will move diagonally across the ring, allowing the judges to see it in the curve and work in the opposite direction around the ring. While some work better counterclockwise, other work better counterclockwise. Every hook comes in motion and follows the instructions of the ring master.

First checkmark is the line. Every teammate has a specific job, the leader teammate (the leading team) makes the first impact on the judges, determines the speed for the clutch and is usually somewhat smaller and more agressive than the other two teammates. Being a little bigger than the leading group, not as big as the cycling group, the Swedish group has a tough time.

The management team's line passes their minds. Bicycle team's right behind you. Our swimming crew will help you make a round curve in the edges. The Wheel Team is the biggest of the three groups. Therefore they take over the control of the car.

They' re the only three sides to have a clasp (the big chunk of skin around their hips). It is a classy kit at the front of the horse with jagged actions from the front knee, the ankle joints (rear knees), behind, all eyes high, watchful, gentle gear change, which shows that every horse plays its part.

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