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Shapley's Show Touch Ups have been developed exclusively for horses. Shapley's Superior Horse Care Products:...: Display Touch-Ups Shapley's Show Touch Ups have been developed especially for the horse.

The unbelievable cover for spots, grain, bumps and imperfections in your horse's fur. The Show Touch Ups are a must for any horse that competes or whenever you want to enhance the look of your horse. The Show Touch Ups are secure and efficient to use.

Easy to clean with an oil-based preparation such as Shapley's Hi Gloss. Don't use an oil-based insect repellent over the paint as it will drain and scrape off the paint. The Show Touch Ups can also cause your horse's coat to deteriorate and cause no harm. Touch ups create a look and feeling that' naturally there.

Available in 8 colours to fit your horse's fur beautifully. Ideal for concealing spots or deformities on horse owners, conformational or show horse performers in exhibitions. Whit Touch Up is amazing for making marks on your horse and removing spots.

Just sprinkle the Show Touch Up on your horse's fur or tails in an even film. Hold the can about 12 inch away from the horse while misting. Spread with a scarf on the horse's scalp and, with blank marks, mask the neighbouring areas of brown fur with a handkerchief, adhesive paper or the like, so that no blank sprays get onto brown fur.

Touch Ups are available in 10 z spraypacks. Colours are available in black, red, dark brown, medium brown, chestnut, sorrel, black, chestnut, palomino and grey. Show Touch Ups can be used on hoofs if your exhibition organization allows it. Showing a striking color wallach and could never show his nice 4 nice blankets.

Which means until I saw your show Touch Up Aerosol promoted. I' m looking forward to buying more of your products. Thanks a lot for making such a great piece and please continue with the great work! A. K. Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your show retouching!

There was no way I could get a gelben spot out of my mare's little prick for a show and as a final outcome I chose to try your one. Injected it the night before our courses and the next morning her cock was a gorgeous, NATURALLY looking, whiter and most of all, the judge couldn't even say I had used anything because her cock was still flowing and moving wild.

I' ll never be without a can of touch-ups for my horse and will buy a can of touch-ups for my other horse next year. Thank you very much for this fantastic item. S. Y. "Our female horse inspector was really amazed by the differences the (Show Touch Ups) spray makes in the looks of her horse.

The colour "awakened" the sunburnt, pale cocks of several horse chestnuts and laurel in their strings - and made the head look even more thick and full. Applying the antique white paint, the grey mare's old white feet were put back in their natural darkness in stark opposition to her spotted fur. The colours in all cases kept throughout the whole working session without walking or turning fade, even during a hot summers show.

For the first time I met this at a paintball show where I needed a fast fix and no bath time. Mobile Jack Store proposed your products and I've been thrilled ever since. It is not only used for our showjumpers but also for our showvieh.

I' m so happy that I can order it on-line instead of collecting it at the horse show! B. We have personal Buckskin who will never enter the show ring without you getting your jet onto his thighs. Can' tell you how many stores I got to sell your products.

We would be pleased if you would consider our if you are ever looking for a horse for an ad.

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