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Equestrian clothing such as breeches, riding shirts or riding jackets for women, men or children. Gifts in riding clothes. The Del Mar Exhibition Centre, where horse shows take place from March to November. Correct riding clothes can influence or break your efforts. Equestrian riding jackets &

Equestrian shows coats you'll love for the show ring.

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Therapeutical Riding Pegasus :: The Rider's Cabinet

Georgina Bloomberg started The Rider's Closet in 2006. Over the last ten years, this very succesful basic programme has expanded considerably and today has a positive effect on the horse world. Rider's Closet is aimed at making riding wear available for horseback riding therapy programmes, fringe teams, intercollegial riding programmes and individuals in need.

Georgina's missions in establishing the programme is to make sure that riding is an open to all, especially for those who are not able to afford the riding clothes they need to make their riding dream come true. Georgina moved the operation of The Rider's Closet from her home to the non-profit Pegasus Therapieutic Riding in 2010, allowing the programme to continue.

One Pegasus employee runs The Rider's Closet and supervises the volunteer staffing it on a part-time assignment. We accept single and company gifts of all new and carefully used riding equipment and then donate it to any needy driver in the USA who asks for it.

For more information about Georgina's riding and the many charities she is supporting, click here. Thanks to our trading partner for their very generously donated money to The Rider's Closet:

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