Horse show Saddles

Saddles for horse shows

horse saddles for men and women 16 " Showman calf skin calf skin calfskin with riding suedes. The Showman is stitched in the front row. Manufactured by Showman Saddlery. Featuring an insole with silvery pearls at the rim of the cantele, jockey and mudguards. The Dale Chavez Show nut is in very good shape.

16 " Chair.

This was part of our show semi-trailer hire programme - and we are just out of memory! It is genuinely silversilver plated in a great two-tone lacquer with suitable bridles, rein and chest cuffs. That show sadle is really chic! Equipped with sheet/acorn and wicker stamping tools.

Display saddles. Ready size of seat: 16". This is Dale Chavez's chance. Untouched state, without noticeable defects or abrasion. It is a sumptuous deep olive with a handmade flower design, handmade wickerwork, buckskin trim and soft padded pony. New Dale Chavez Western Show 16 1/2" Jumpsuit! Softly used Dale Chavez show-rider.

Under the coat used 1755 by Dale Chavez. I' ve taken very good charge of this one. 16 " Billy Cook Show nut in as good as new state. You can use this wonderful show trailer! 15.5-inch individual sex seats for a youthful foot! A ton of sterling Silver and the distinctive contrasts of a ultra-velour seated boot make this nut an eye-catcher in the show-bar!

It is a crotchet and in extraordinary state! Girgous Circle Y Western Pleasure Equitation Show 16 Zoll Sattel Set ! These are very weighty, silvery, Circle Y used. There' s a bunch of rocks in this one! The lightweight leather nut has a full wicker stamping and tools, coupled with a brown buckskin pad.

Display saddles. Prefabricated size of seat: 15.5". The Earl Twist Show saddle - Semi-Quarter Horse Bars - 16" For those from Montana we know the work of Earl Twist. It was a nut for the show-pen with sleek, low tools and stereo inlay. Sitting like a cleaner with a working cow-hiorn.

Kind of saddle: Show. Second-hand Billy Royal Show semi-trailer, which is in very good state! Complete with wicker stamps and beautiful sterling steel. Display saddles. Ready size of seat: 15". Breathtaking is the only thing that describes this rider!

Everywhere revalued sterling silver, willing to be your buddy in the show ring. His just asking to be your next Ranchhorses all-round availability or all around nut. Charged with sterling silver and accentuated with sterling black and sterling bronze rivets. Wonderful show calf in light oiled calfskin with noble rhinestones and equipped with argent.

Saddling functions. Horn goggles: 1 3/4". Kind of saddle: Show. Prefabricated size of seat: 14.5". Foldaway seats type: Fully padded suede. This is a nice starting semitrailer or filly baker. "7 "7" esophagus, 25" rock, has a little silver and a short rock at 25". Westernsilver youth-showman youth-harness.

Completely crafted show sadle, laden with silvery highlights at an accessible cost. - Seated in wild hide with silvery corners. 16 "  Doubler T Parade Style trailer. Completely equipped with velour strap seats. The nut has conchoes in gold and laces in gold. Manufactured by Didgeridoo Saddlery.

They are the famed "cowboy" saddles known to film watchers and rock stars, and those who have been to quite a few quests. 15 " show seat. It' used, but in good state. It is in very good shape with nice tools and sterling steel. Prepare for the show ring!

Display saddles. Ready size of seat: 16". Fifteen and a half seats. Scratches ("this is a used saddle"). It is abraded off in darkness (Sterling does that). It is in good shape but must be oiled. We' re not coming. I' m sellin' two show saddles. Premier Classic Premier Show Semitrailer. Saddling functions.


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