Horse show Shirts

Equestrian Show Shirts

Men's shirts are used for eventing, jumping, dressage or in the hunting ring. Men's shirts have moved away from the old button-down collar or cotton fabrics. Men's shirts are available from brands such as TuffRider, Pessoa or Essex Classics. We' re also specializing in vest bases to help you create your masterpiece, matching zipped shirts to retro western shirts to full bling vests! Store our selection of Essex Talent Yarn Show Shirts, as well as a wide selection of wrap collar &

cool fabric horse shirts for ladies, girls, boys & men.

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Showwear care advice

It is probably a sure thing that Joan Crawford didn't talk about horse clothing when she said that, but it didn't have to be to get the embassy home. Given that showwear can be a pretty high capital expenditure, it is worth knowing the right way to take good care of it so you can keep it with you for years to come.

When it comes to custom hats, Barbara Maitia from Barbara's Custom Hat said it's important to keep them as cold andry as possible to keep their "show" form. But Maitia also had something many people do without realising it has the power to destroy their hats: keep it in its pristine polythene film.

Maitia said that when it comes to your hat's basic maintenance, it is best to clean the cap with a scrubber that has accumulated after each use and to use a scrubbing pad for each stain on. And, because of the frequency with which caps are stocked, it is best to reshape and clean them before or during each show.

Okay, so maybe you're not laughing, but it could be you if you followed these make-up maintenance instructions from Darcy Reeve of Darcy Reeve Make-up Artistry. Exactly as with a hat (and as you will soon find out..... at just about everything), warmth and moisture are terrible for make-up, especially those that can fuse like lipstick, smooth eyeliner, etc..

How long should your make-up really last? By the time your make-up sweeps keep tidy, Reeve said what she finds works well are the low-cost manual soaps that you will find in Hotels. In order to bring your hairbrush back into the soft breath it once was, Reeve proposes to swirl it around in a dried cloth and then shake it so that it returns to its natural state.

Eventually, if you are flying, you' ll avoid the trouble and inspect your make-up in your bag. Keep in mind that if your baggage is missing, you will have your repaired item in your car. The way you take charge of them depends on the method used to do it. Both Lindsay Klempel of Silver Lining Custom Western Show Apparel and Sonia Vilandré of Vilandré Designer, however, agree that it is best to keep away from chemical cleaners.

Nevertheless, not everything is missing, because there is one very easy thing you can do to keep your coat or waistcoat tidy. "Vilandré says, "You can use a wet towel to sweep away the dirt after each use. Vilandre also recommends the use of a special type of stopper known as stain stoppers.

Vilandré also offers advice on how to wear a Kleenex under your coat and stick it around your throat. On the subject of stains: Klempel and Vilandré were in agreement that the spots really are a single case number. Vilandré's greatest culprits are those who don't keep their coats in good condition and the unlucky fat spot.

Vilandre also said that a good, stable temple big enough and broad enough to slip into your coat is essential to keep its form. If you have to travel with your showwear in your briefcase, Klempel advises you to roll up the coat with a hand cloth so that the rocks do not scratch each other and are damage in the air.

Hunting jackets and shirts should preferably be kept neat (or relatively clean) before storing. To be realistic, if you take good charge of your hunting shirts, they should last three to four years and the cloaks can last even longer. That'?s what gets us to chapter career. Showing Style's Valerie Heydinger, who specialises in customised childs, said that well-kept childs should last five to ten years.

Your clothes are made of first-class quality leathers and should never be discarded in the washer or dry-cleaned. Always keep your chest packs in a breatheable pouch from the inside out. Heydinger suggests to send her to the show in the trailers because of the pure chap's mass, but guesses what she will recommend if you are there or not?

"Particularly if you have sterling on your caps, it's really important to keep them in a pocket in a cold, arid place," she said. When you get silt on your chop, it is best to let it dries first and then work it out with a leather cleaner.

Heydinger finally warned that inattention finally tires the boys more quickly than it is necessary. "To not keep your boys tidy, to not hang them up correctly, to not pull them up when you walk and to catch the fringes in the zip are all things I see and all can be prevented," she said.

By the end of the working days your showroom will be an asset, just like your horse and your turn. As we babysit our ponies and take care of cleanliness and correct storage, we should also be friendly to our outfit.

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