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Judging horse show for beginners: "...praise for McEvoy's Showing For Beginners. Horse-Showing Humor takes author Pamela Britton-Baer on a journey through the world of horse shows and a few funny antics along the way.

The Horse Curriculum provides an interactive, practical curriculum for young people to explore the breeding and showing of horses while developing life skills. Browse the menu on the left to see a portion of the Light Horse Prize Book.

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The book is an online file that is sent to a valid email address so that you can send your own copy for printing. Horse-Showing Humor by Pamela Britton-Baer will take you on a trip through the horse show universe and some fun farces along the way. Whilst many riders may think these thoughts, Pamela does a great work by telling us about the tests and difficulties of riding and let us know that we are not alone.

Pamela makes fun of all the people we've been to Pamela's horse estate, like this. It is a fact of everyday living that although the temperature may drop below zero, stable work never stops. But Pamela is adding a turn ing-point to the lives we are living and loving. "The problem with horse lovers, I think, is we get smug.

She is a relatively young female in the Quarter Horse scene, coming from the J├Ąger-Springer tracks on our doorstep. They offer a new outlook and an open view of the show business. Pamela Britton is a full-time author and has more than 1 million books in production, many of them under a NASCAR license contract.

Every months her column about living with her quarter horse appears in the magazine America Quarter Horse Journal.

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To see part of the Light Horse Prize Book, please navigate through the menus on the far right. They can also use the OEF website to get tips and useful information for horse show companies that exhibit at trade shows. Join in and win! Have you got a jilt, an oldie, a bunny or a picture you want to participate in?

Stage #1: Search for a section from the following price books. Select the section and the best grade that fits your listing. Please fill in the registration form. Exhibitors from Lighthorse can also take part in the contest as well. Getting started is that easy!

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