Horse Sneakers

Sneakers horse

The sneakers have been developed in response to a variety of needs. Tailor-printed sneakers are a perfect way to show your love, passion and dedication to these beautiful creatures! These hoof shoes are perfect for a horse lover.


The sneakers have been designed in answer to a wide range of needs. Every equestrian puts a strain on their hands and toes. Due to the scarcity of the mileage on different terrain, stamina was the ideal place to test the sneakers. Equestrian sports would profit if the boot performs well in the most demanding conditions of perseverance horse-racing.

The sneaker had to meet some very special requirements:

Trainers for horse

Kansas Farriers Assn. will host a hospital in August. Headquartered in London, Life Data Labs Inc. is a passionate producer of innovative and innovative solutions for the food, feed and healthcare industries. Top of the line raw materials, top of the line freshness, consistently high qualitiy and scientific proof of efficacy are the main characteristics of Life Data Labs veterinary care solutions.

That is why for 12 years in a row they have been producing the number 1 farrier recommendation. In recent years we have worked with specialised businesses and experts to provide the theory and technology to create and produce a therapeutical horse grooming and horse health preventative solution.

SmartPak provides cutting-edge technology to help the rider take good charge of their horse, from the fodder room to the saddlestud. The SmartPak was established in 1999 with the launch of the company's proprietary supplementary animal food system SmartPak? SmartPaks, the groundbreaking day dosage, is manufactured, labelled and packaged especially for your horse.

Sneakers and boots for miniature shoes

A number of producers suggested a range of leisure footwear for small ponies. These fleecy sneakers have been suggested for casually designed slippery little sneakers. Several smaller commercially available producers of horse-boot and trainers exist. You can reach Sabre Sneakers at (203) 322-9002. Supreme Equine Designs is another small producer of footwear and boot for small ponies.

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