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equine species

racial numbers What are the horse races? There are over 350 pony and horse races in the whole wide range today, divided into four large groups. Easy horse - a horse with small bone and thin leg that weighs less than 1300lb. Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Morgan, Arabian, Saddlebreds and Tennessee Walkers.

Serious horse - draught or large horse up to 2000 lbs. in weight. They' re tough with big bone and big leg. Percherons, Clydesdale, Shire, Belgian and Suffolkis. Ponys - Ponies are usually no bigger than 58 inch in size (14.2 handed and below), which makes them smaller than a horse.

The Shetland, Haflinger, Caspian, Fur, Fjord and Chincoteague cones. Wilde Pferde - Horse that is either savage or semi-wild. Well, a musang is an example of a fierce horse.

According to scientist, this idea of returning an extinct ice age horse variety is an extremely long shot.

In Siberia, a research group hopes that a 40,000-year-old male child will be able to produce genetically sensitive materials for the mummification of the dead species. The Siberian Times reports that one of the researchers participating in the study of the horse is Woo-Suk Hwang, a South Korean scientist and clone forerunner.

Hwang, a former Seoul National University lecturer in South Korea, was bombed for forgery in 2006 and sentenced three years later for biomethical violation and misappropriation, Nature 2009 commented. Russian and South Korean researchers - Hwang included - are already working on an experiment to clamp a wooly giant, and they are now investigating the feasibility of removing live cell from the conserved horse that might be used to make a clamp, Hwang said in Siberian times.

"Hwang said, if we can only find one living cubicle, we can cluster this old horse. "A dead horse could be more easily clamped than a giant horse because a contemporary horse could replace the foetus, while a clamped giant horse would have to be placed in a woman elephant," Hwang commented.

They belong to the same gene as dead amphibians, but they are not closely related - so a clustered "mammoth" would rather be a GMH, he said. However, a clone of an endangered ice-age horse could be a move towards a clone of a marble, as "it will help us to fathom the technology," Hwang said to the Siberian newspaper.

A number of researchers who were not part of the research on the colt raised questions about the possibility of successfully cloning the horse. When enough genomic information can be obtained from the remnants of the horse that has been mutilated, researchers may be able to build a genomic sequencing by matching the genomic information of the dead filly with that of live animals, Shapiro added.

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