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The Honda CR-V stopped on the motorway, so I had it dragged to the stable in the midnight. I' m hopeful that I can give you a final feedback about Horse Stable Automotive. It' been two years since George and Andy rescued me from a very difficult situation.

00+, to just substitute the defective plunger and its associated parts, a less than full service. Craigslist and George got to me with a quotation that was HALF the prize that the stores in the town quoted me.

He also offered the installation of a used motor (with guarantee, on demand for a fair fee), the PROPER Toyota coolant and the associated accessories. Communications and reparation speeds were great. In the middle of the trial, when I realised these boys were the actual business, I was able to send George an email and have a recent pack of tyres sent directly to her and put them in when I collected my vehicle.

That was the second auto fix I ever signed up a garage for. I don't know what was harder to replace a Toyota Prius motor or to deal with me. I' tackled these fellas pretty tough on this one. So I asked for special coolants, asked constant queries and generated inquiries in connection with my work.

I had problems after my (big) repairs, which I had to pursue. Do you have a talk about the sound of a vehicle / motor lamps and come to an understanding about the state of the vehicle before you put it down? They are people who try to make a livelihood as a large-volume / low-margin workshop.

They will probably miss something after an exchange of the motor or a bigger reparation. If not, please take George and Andy as they present themselves at Horse Stable Automotive. All your buddies who demand the lowest possible prices to fix your vehicle and make a small livelihood while they do it.

This is the first one I' ve been here& all I have to say is great work at a great prize. Wouldn't hesitate to recomend this place for you to go fix or at least get a Check Up. would soon come back for other fixes. You like to toss parts onto your car without figuring out what the trouble is.

Usually I took my car there for a easy issue and after I took it I began to have more issues. Relying on that, I kept returning to them if I kept having trouble and every single times they said that another part was needed and I would have to do more.

After $730, when I still had a bit of a trouble, I went to the dealer and they said that the stable had put the right part in when I was there for the first time. orge and his boys did a great work and replaced my engine, transmission and splitter. WARNNNING DON'T DARE THIS STORE.

Last year I had an exchange of the engines on my truck. Remark: I always work on my own cars, but dropping the sub-frame and installing the engines from below was too big a job for my small parking area. So, I had my truck dragged to their workshop and they had my truck ready in less than a weeks.

That was not acceptable and said to them that it should be taken immediate action. Telling them I didn't like the sound and they shunned the comments and tried to get me to take my own cars and go. I had the test lamp on and the dynamics indicator lamp on when I picked up the bike, which was not the case before I had it replaced.

When I was leaving, they said that my brake made a great deal of sound and I had to change the rotors/pads, which I knew. I immediately shouted stable car and recounted this debt and they had been insisting that it wasn't their doing and I wouldn't have gotten this far with the wheel nut loos.

After I had phoned my health insurer and he advised me to go to a serious workshop and get an assessment of the loss. You' ve said they'd call me back and I'd never get a call. I' ve been telling them to put all the parts in the boot and that I'm comin' for it now.

Though I didn't get accredited for that, but instead I get my vehicle back with no working wireless and the engines checking lights on as well as the video lights on yet. A number of vacuums were found on old tubes that they used to replace the engines. With the screws loosened and removed, they had ignored the fact that there were newer parts on the engines they were replacing, like the generator and the two front cats, which I had tightened before my engines started knocking badly.

Fairly priced and sincere owners. When I was there, I asked her to look at my tyre as the low lamp has flashed twice in the last sixmonth. Driving 15 mile and 45 minutes to the store. Do not come or recommend this store. IDESHOP!!!!! They are very good boys, sincere and know their way around.

We' ve taken our vehicle there and they are repairing perfectly, quickly and at a good cost. and they said it was okay. By the way: The issue is still not solved. First when I phoned, I was explaining the issue of my vehicle and telling them what the showroom was telling me that needed to be repaired, they said they would examine and see the issue if the showroom was proper.

Obviously, they didn't want to re-examine the issue. After a few month after I purchased it, it began to make this sound that was like a poor outlet that came from the motor. So I took the vehicle to some engineers and they all said they had to open the motor and change some poorly designed solenoid poppets.

You took the vehicle directly in and ran a few tests to see where the issue was and it ended up being the generator. THANK YOU ANDY AND GEORGE! I' ve been looking for a garage I can rely on for a long while! I' m glad I found the right place!

Stable provides great services and great prizes! As a woman who doesn't know much about repairing cars, I am feeling good and know that George and Andy will give me a great deal and great value for money! I bought a used vehicle and wanted to make it roadworthy for the next 100,000 mile and so I recently did a bunch of work for these guys: - changing timing belts (cams, gaskets, etc.) - fixed axle gasket - internal track bar exchange -diff fluids exchange -trans fluids exchange -brake linings and changing rotors -perhaps some other things I forget at the moment, I have been driving about 600 mile since the servicing and there are no hurdles.

Conclusion: They do a good job even with complicated things, make it a "Best in Chicagoland" award with a grin. Nice place. It would be very tough to find an honest business that does good work, and this does just that. This store found by accident!

They' re clear and the prize they give you is the prize you are paying.

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