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The first is that not all pension stables are the same. There are some who will take excellent care of your horse, others not. Selection of a boarding stall Hints on how to find the right "home" for your horse. An important issue when considering horse property is the issue of where to keep the horse. No.

A horse is a large living being that feeds on a lot of nourishment and makes a lot of trash that has to be handled. Many horse lovers find it perfect to have a little place in the countryside where there is room for one or two horses.

So they can work with their horse every single working days. A boarding stall is one of these option. Firstly, not all pension stalls are of the same value. There are some who will take good charge of your horse, others not. And in some cases a horse receives far less than minimum maintenance.

A pension stable owner was detained in Ohio in 2008 after the Ohio government found six stallions and other thinly built animals. What is the reason for the different nursing standards when looking for a stable? At one point in my career I also ran a pension/training stable and recently had to find a place to house two ponies in Arizona for several weeks in cold weather.

First two questions that arise when looking for a boarding stable are costs and locations. It is Brady's estimate that the costs of accommodating a horse are usually between $200 and $450 per months. Costs generally depend on the work performed. When you want your horse to be in an air-conditioned stable and handle duly, the rider can quickly exceed the $450 per men.

But if you are living in the West, you may be able to find a Rancher who will allow your horse to feed on its meadows at a relatively reasonable price. However, the problem can be a fairly long trip to his farm and a walk through his meadow to find and capture your horse.

This could lead to a higher boarding ratio. for $200 a months in Arizona. You get what you need: lots of straw and clean drinking air and a large outside stable from which the employees take liquid slurry every day. Different conveniences are available, but there is an extra fee for each, such as everyday exercise, recruiting supplements and grit and periodic maintenance to scroll a few.

All of our ponies are simple keepsers and have proven themselves in the colder Wyoming seasons. An important factor after the costs is the situation. Luckily our ponies are parked 20 min. from where we will be spending most of hibernation in Mesa. The stable is also close to the Superstition Mountain station with a number of bridle paths nearby.

At the time we ran our boarding/training stable in Minnesota, we had easy track entry on the bordering state area. The most of our snowboarders had no followers. "You have to be able to see the stable regularly," says Brady. "Being a horse-owning horse owners, even when he enters a horse, you still have the task of supervising the maintenance of your horse and working with the stable director.

" 30 min is about the max duration I want to go to a boarding school. You will also save your horse a lot of valuable horse rides and more. Furthermore, the high costs of petrol can increase the costs per month if you are at some range from the boarding stall.

However, this may take a little more time to plan, such as long holidays or long week-ends with your horse, than day to day trips. A place to search for a boarding school shed is in the Yellow Pages or on-line. Several states or territories have websites with lists of pensions and educational facilities.

As soon as you have reserved some possible pension stable, it is a good idea to visit the area. According to Martinson, an important part of every stable is cleanness. Dunging out stable workers from the barns? For Brady, fencing is one of the most important considerations when it comes to maintaining a horse either at home or in a pension.

She says the fence should be at least four-foot high and the fence materials should be stable, but of a kind that if a horse were trapped inside, it would not be hurt. How many are there in the group when a horse is driven to move or herding?

The horse has an entrenched hoeing order, where one horse is predominant and the remainder is on the line. Is the dominating horse so aggressively that a newcomer is in risk of getting hurt? Which type of accommodation will be available in your future pension stable?

It' s essential that those who live in ties stables are trained every day and whenever possible. Whilst Martinson points out that most of your horse is overeaten by its owner, it is important that you satisfy your horse's dietary needs. During the checkout of a pension stable, the straw that is fed to the stable staff must be examined.

Which vaccination conditions are required in the pension stable? You should not only try to save your horse from diseases, but also an area where other animals have been vaccinated against diseases such as flu, hydrophobia and, in some cases, strangulation marks and herpes viruses.

It is important that the owner vaccinates their horse against other illnesses, but these are the most important as well. Has the stable got an on-going worm removal schedule, or is it up to you? When your horse is running with other pets in a meadow or training ground, you will want them all to participate in a preventative grooming programme to reduce the risk of parasitic infections.

Is a blacksmith in the stable regularly or is everyone on their own to organise the grooming of the hooves? A further important factor to consider before making the definitive choice is whether the other riders are happy with the support of their horse. Chat with other boarder can give you a lot of information about the setup.

It' also important to get to know a little about the other boarding students. "Not only is the stable a home for your horse, it's also a place where you'll hopefully be spending a lot of free time," says Brady. "It' s important that the stable's character matches your character and that you have common objectives and interests with the stable manager and other clients.

" Are the interests of you and your horse the top priorities for the owner of the system? Are they offering ways to help cut the costs of housing your horse, such as keeping your own stable clean if you can get there regularly or do other things around the stable?

While some stalls allow the owner to supply their own food, others ask you to supply their own. You should be sure that the fodder and maintenance are of the right standard before you join a stable with these regulations. Do you have a safe place to keep saddles, bridles and other gear so you don't have to carry them back and forth every few minutes you walk into the hayloft?

Inquire of other boarding school students if there are problems when holders "borrow" their gear or provisions when they are not there. Most of the pensioners will ask you to subscribe to a agreement setting out your plant and your responsibilities. If your horse needs immediate vet assistance, e.g. in case of injuries or colics, does the stable manager have the right to call in a vet without your consent?

You should look for a "comfort zone" for you and your horse in a pension stable - a place where your horse is well groomed and where you can unwind and have good company with pets and people. Brady, C.M.; Kanne, K.S.; Russell, M.A. AS-553-W: Guide to horse keeping.

Martinson, K. Care for a horse with a budget.

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